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  1. In Adobe programs you have the option to save your project (the files where you can open it back up later to edit again) and also save as a type of file (in your case a .avi or .mpeg format). There should be an "Save as.." when you would just click the drop down menu below where you would type in the name of the file. Another option might be to have any option like "Save for Web/Device" which is what Photoshop has. Just try experimenting with the save options. As far as I know, there isn't a converter from projects to video format. :?
  2. I have that same font also :D. .Rar files can be password protected and compress better than Zip files is the main difference. 8-)
  3. The Wii can use most basic flash and some java I believe, but not enough to handle the intense programming of Runescape. I'm sure it will happen eventually for people to use consoles as a median to play Runescape.
  4. All signatures MUST have a border. Look further into signature tutorials, these are really basic and simple like Rainy_Day said. Start with reading some signature tutorials with brushes, you can download them at Deviantart.com. Later you will learn how to make extensive tags with C4D's and massive effects.
  5. I'm not saying get rid of all of the black, but maybe like a "in between" method?
  6. Sorry for the delay guys. I have been very occupied with history work and essays. Hmm let me see... Soa- It has excellent flow, yet it lacks the color I was looking for. Either the render needs to be centered more or brighten up the left side of the signature because the fading out doesn't help with some the effects. ThruItAll: When I first saw this I was thinking this is pretty good until I saw some of the effects you added. The blurry effects and scanlines pretty much ruined it. I love the colors yet the right side lacks some color compared to the left. I will have to say Soa won this but only because ThruItAll used some (IMO) unnecessary effects. I was pleased with these results though, and it made me think about how others come up with the same render yet different signatures. :-k Thanks. :thumbsup:
  7. Looks nice, but it looks empty or all confined to the middle. It would look better if it was expanded out more in my opinion of course. :-w
  8. The last one actually had some potential. It looks more like a WiP if you work on the background more and add some effects.
  9. Thanks. I also made some other small adjustments. :-w
  10. I use 1. :P It's called Image I think I've rated yours before
  11. I clearly like Happy's better because it's just my tastes and style. Plus it blends smoothly. Other lack color while Thru's is empty looking.
  12. Cat is too big. For the window, just go a few lighter than the colors through the window.
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