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  1. yeah, maybe it would... but then f2p'ers cant make them :( and i'm f2p so :P but fletching would be indeed more logic, ill change it
  2. yes, the hunting himself would be a seperate skill. the better ur hunting lvl, the less you miss the animals and the less you got seen by it. the outfits also help to be undetectable. and ranging/attack also helps to miss less this makes the skill related to other skills. and about the lvls... i'm not sure about that, i guess mammooth would be lvl 60 or something and thats the best outfit you can get and the other guy: first of all, i was just joking about the "getting wet" and only members could make arrows. so the f2p'ers have to stick on spears wich would be slightly worse since ur ranged is less far...(with spear you have to come pretty close to the animal and you have a greater chance to get detected). making spears would also be fletching(since attaching a horn to a wood isnt smithing) , but f2p'ers could use them also you would need higher lvl to attach better horns to the wood(so you would have spears with swine horns, with mammooth horns, etc...). this would make woodcutting at least a bit more interesting for f2p'ers. and about the healing thing, choc cake is pretty hard to make and i dont think anybody uses it while training since nobody got big amounts. and karamja is pretty far away for f2p'ers so hunting gives a new way to get food. also mammooth would be better than a choc cake or lobby... therefore they would be very hard to catch and to the third person: the prayer xp of the bones depends on the animal. rabbit bones would be the same as regular bones, swine bones like bat bone etc.... Edit: cmon people some more reactions, oppinions plz.....
  3. i was just a bit thinking about a new skill and came to hunting. for the people who dont like those fishes in their water, or the stupid rocks with different colours, this is the solution hunting UPDATED 14-02-05 the place first off all this skill is mostly used in reservates. to enter a reservate you have to prove you that u are worth it. this should be either proven by a quest or by showing 100 bear fur notes(or something like that) maybe you still have to pay to get in (it could be an island and only accesable by ship => fee) equipment once in the parc you can kill animals with a bow and special arrows(bought in shop, or self made) or a special spear(same). u will also most likely wear the special camouflage outfits. in the low lvls you can kill small animals like rabbits etc. when u get better you can start with swines and maybe later even mammoths... use if you have killed then animals you can take the whole body in ur inventory. if you get a knife you can cut it in pieces and get a fur, bones and meat (and with some animals, horns). the bones you can bury(prayer), the meat you can cook and gives good health(mammooth could give 22 hp or something) and with the fur you can make camouflage outfit for hunting( requires a certain crafting lvl, and gives crafting xp). because you get a fur every animal , you could also high lvl alch them(or the outfits) for a pretty good price.(cfr dragonhides) when u kill animals with horns you can make ur own arrows or spears with it(horns in stead of arrow/sp̮̻̉̉ar heads). it would be a bit the same as fletching.(and it would give fletching xp) so for the arrows you need shafts, feathers and a horn heads. the spears would also be fletchable the same way( no need for shafts and feathers, just wood). to fletch the spears, you would need a higher fletching lvl, since they dont ask for feathers. it could also be implemented that spears would be better than arrows and therefore require a higher hunting lvl. but you can also make better spears/arrows, and this by attaching better type of horns to the handle/shafts. this will increase ur accuracy to kill. because you will have lots of horns, the spears will also be able to break so u have to use a new one. therefore they will be stockable in ur inventory because you would have a great chance to lose a few spears while u are hunting. with the arrows this is no problem since you always have a chance to lose a few(like ranging) the hunting itself hunting itself exists out of 4 things 1) getting in a reservate 2) getting to the habitat of the animal u want to hunt 3) approaching the animal without being sented/seen 4) actually attacking the animal(and maybe missing it) getting in a reservate like i said before, you will need to do a quest, or pay money to enter the area. once u are in the area, u can go to different habitats. getting to the habitat the habitat of the lower lvl animals will be easy accesable so the reward wont be too good(rabbits etc) however, if you want better animals, you will have to pass obstacles to get there ( e.g. if you wanna hunt mountain bears , u will have to climb a mountain), and those will require a certain agility lvl to pass. the mighty mammoth will require a quite high agilty lvl to enter his area(65?) this will involve agilty in the skill, and will give it more reasons to train the rather useless skill. approaching the animal this will first of all involve the camouflage outfit. its very important because if you dont use it the animal can see u and flee. if ur hunting swines ull need a swine outfit, if ur hunting rabbits a rabit outfit etc.... also, the better the hunting lvl the better the chance that you can approach the animals undetected. but animals can also smell you, and therefore you might need some of those special potions (made by herblore) to get next to that mighty mammoth. however, for the lower lvls, these potion arent too important, and even for the mammoth it isnt indispensable, as long as your hunting lvl is high enough. however, if you got the cash to buy the potions, it could fasten ur mammoth slaying quite a lot. this potion thing is also made to motivate all the low lvl herblores to lvl this rather hard skill. actually attacking the animal once you have approached the animal succesfully, you can try to kill it with ur special spear/arrows (the spear has a bit more accuracy). different from fighting normal monsters, you kill the animal in one hit, or you miss it, and its gone. this is because it already takes quite a lot of skill and time to approach it etc.(the chance of missing wont be too great) i also had a (rather bad) idea to implement ranged and attack to this: this skill would also be related to ranged and attack since you got more chance to hit the animal with high ranged(arrows) or attack(spear). with more chance to hit i mean: the animal doesnt have hits, you just hit it or miss it. ur hunting lvl will of course also affect ur chance to hit. however, ranged has already got lots of uses, so has attack, so i dont think this would be too good. also, the hunting himself in that case wouldnt be a big part of the actual killing of the animals, and so doesnt deserve to be a seperate skill. so i think its better to let the accuracy totally be dependent on ur hunting lvl and the type of horns attached to the spears/arrows this skill would bring some nice additions to prayer and crafting since the bones would give nice prayer xp and the fur also(crafting xp then) :) TADA, that was it! watcha think? be sure to post suggestions, and a member, maybe you can post this at the suggestion forum at official runescape site
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