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  1. Thanks, this was never fully explained
  2. When did Jagex fix effigy drop rate? Any announcements on this?
  3. Hehe it's okay :-) @ RPGamer: the thing is that it's not driving her down, just me. She is used to it and is kind of "indoctrinated" by it. Right now it's not much of a problem, since she is studying in another country. It's just that whenever I see or hear about her parents, I get annoyed. Since she is an only child they'll always be very involved or in the proximity, and that's what scares me :(
  4. In general, I just have hard time with their way of life really, which is quite different from me and my family's way of life. They are overprotective. I had her mum call me once around 1 am because she didn't answer her phone, which is ridiculous IMO. They basically phone her everyday. There is a lot of pressure on her to achieve well. The bad thing is she is now putting this pressure on herself. Example: The atmosphere at her graduation was like a funeral, just because she didn't graduate with honors... (while in reality, she should have been glad she managed to finish her thesis in time, seeing how behind she was at one point). Not only were her parents unhappy, she's also this "indoctrinated" that she genuinely felt bad for disappointing her parents (even though she's doing one of the hardest studies around here and she should be proud she managed to finish them "on schedule"). Her parents don't seem to enjoy life, they nearly never go on holidays and always seem stressed about things, and they work too much (even though her dad is already on his pension). They never have friends come over (I wonder if they even have friends...). Their house is a junk yard. Her dad collects books and her mum antique stuff, and their house is literally so filled with it (I'm talking about a room filled with stacks of books and old furniture) that they are not inviting anyone there. We have been together for 2 years now and I have never been allowed to enter the house because they are ashamed of how dirty it is (yet they don't do anything about it). Her mum is kind of paranoid about thieves/criminals. Apparently she was once weaving around with a gun (even shooting once in the air) when there were strangers in their yard (NOT normal in Europe). I realise this all doesn't really matter since I'm dating her (which is going very well), and not her parents, but she is an only child so her parents are very involved with her and she with them (she doesn't mind all the stuff I mentioned, she is very attached to her parents). Also, when they get old, she will be the only one to take care of them.
  5. What if your girlfriend is an only child and you dislike her over-worrying parents?
  6. Ever since Jagex stopped caring for this game, I started respecting RWT'ers a bit more as well, since they're in fact the smart ones making money of a game whose own developer is only out for money himself. While I agree with most of what you said Logdotzip, the few examples that you provided are probably a minority, I think. If you look at the average gamer, I don't think they're people that are desperate for money, living in a wheelchair on the street. I don't care why people RWT, that doesn't change anything in my opinion. It's just that I started realising that they're the smart opportunists, profiting of a system that's long been broken. If you wanna be mad, be mad at the people that buy gold, cause they are the ones creating a market, and gaining "unfair" advantage.
  7. I have quit, but still I wouldn't sell my account for anything under $1k. I'm kinda debating it though, since it would stop me from returning ever. I am receiving many signs that it is time to move on, but still I keep checkign tip it and stuff :P.
  8. I would agree with muggi that accepting donations is just a smart move from SUOMI, allowing him to be more efficient. Okay, it's less impressive than merching or whatever for your money, but it's certainly more efficient and reliable. Not to mention the time and dedication that he put into the game. I myself am pretty impressed (not that I'd want to do it myself though) by how he can continuously train any skill at maximum xp rate.
  9. So few discussion about the new items? Surely those new mage robes have quite a big impact, no?
  10. so full subjection is +9% magic damage. That is quite hefty. Much better than virtus if all you need is offense. It is also non degradeabel I believe?
  11. Jagex keeps surprising me with their SOF udates. What's next?
  12. Just remove the option of buying spins, simple as that.
  13. How is it silly? It would be stupid of me to not spend my surplus tokens on XP. You don't really have to value your time all that high for it to be efficient to fork over the 2m gp for a recharge. Actually, it would be silly to hold off recharging with tokens in favor of saving it to get DG xp. Basically, by spending the 20k tokens on DG xp instead of recharging your chaotic, you are spending 1.8M gp for 20k dg xp. If you can gain 300k dg xp per hour, that means you'd have to make 1.8 x 300k/20k = 27 M gp per hour to make that worth it. You can also look at it by comparing 2 situations where you recharge your chaotics (and where you value your dg xp) Situation A: You spend 20k tokens to recharge your chaotic. You regain the tokens, which takes 40 minutes at 300k dg xp/hour You regain the 200k cash, which takes 4 minutes at 3M gp/hour => You end up break even on tokens and cash, and 200k dg xp richer: Grand total of time: 44 minutes Situation B: You spend the full 2M to recharge your chaotics You regain the 2M cash, wich takes 40 minutes at 3M gp/hour ASSUMING YOU VALUE DG XP, you now get as much DG xp as in situation A, while using tokens for xp: You gain 182k dg xp and spend the 18.2k tokens on xp for a grand total of 200k dg xp. This takes 36 minutes at 300k dg xp/hour. => you end up break even on cash and tokens, and 200k dg xp richer: Grand total of time: 76 minutes
  14. Heli or cat skiing in BC! (skip to 13:25) Or skiing in Japan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7Aaew1NSzc (skip to 3:15) (tbh, was never really interested in Japan, but this video blows my mind. It's one of the most breathtaking, beautiful videos I've ever seen, and everytime I see it I feel so dreamy and wanna go out there to ski sooooooooo badly).
  15. I'm on the fence on religion, but man I hate many atheists with a passion. They are some of the most bigoted people I know. They can often be so blinded by logic and not understand the concept of belief, that they will be just as offensive, pushy and intolerant as they claim religious people to be. From personal experience, atheists are actually even more pushy and offended by the subject of religion than theists are by the topic of atheism. Atheists will often take their misunderstandings of a religion to an extreme, without actually knowing what they are talking about. I'm not on either side, but hell, if I support any side in arguments it's usually the theists simply because atheists can be such arses. In reply to bedman, I actually see non beleivers who get offended more than believers. Apart from extremists which are such a minuscule minority, I find atheists often so offended any time anything religious happens in public. Just as athiests can express their views, so can theists. I was referring more to for in stance the fact that the whole Islam world was offended by the cartoons about Mohammed or the fact that my girlfriend is offended whenever I joke a bit about her beliefs. (or another one: when I said I do not go for the Eucharist (hostia?) when I'm in church (I only go for funerals)).
  16. A "while we can never garantuee that any of our staff members give out confidential information, we are doing everything we can do to prevent this and select our staff very carefully, re-assessing them whenever they climb up a rank" would have suited more IMHO.
  17. I would just like to put up that I hate how believers seem to think they have the exclusive rights to be offened. Why should a non-believer conform and respect their religion, when clearly the believer doesn't respect the non-believer.
  18. I've actually gotten more and more into Cornell for reasons other than my girlfriend, so that's kind of nice. The feeling of chosing an "inferior college" is largely gone. However, I still have this gut feeling that a gap year would suit me better (mature, use work exp. to tune program, prepare finances better) and would allow me to chase my skiing dreams. I will wait out the scholarship interview on May 15. If that one turns out bad, I'm not going for sure. Don't want my parents to spend that much on a second choice. I have also edited my previous posts because I prefer not to have this much personal information linger on the internet. I would appreciate if you guys would delete it in your quotes, thanks! And thank you all very much for the advice btw, I know it was a lot to read, so it means something to me :-)
  19. Never read that much bullshit. Way to go Jagex, glad I quit.
  20. Certainly enlightened me and my girflriend on some stuff
  21. ENTJ, which is what I've come up with a few years ago too I think. Not so sure on the E though, I feel like i'm more in the middle of E and I
  22. effy! http://www.taringa.net/posts/imagenes/8022687/Effy-Stonem-_Kaya-Scodelario_.html
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