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  1. Let's join the boot drop pictures. Sold for 20.3m in GE (instant sell)
  2. slayer's money making capabilities have been gone for some time now. Whips ate 500k, herbs low, Dbows at 250k, mauls at 30k, SOLS at 1.5m (?), it's not what it was...
  3. So with 8x air runes you get 64 runes per shard, is that right?
  4. Just to clarify: It wasn't me mentioning suomi back in 2009. I'm not sure what I had posted back in 2006, but I didn't really track the top players intensively, so I don't think I'd have had a good view on it. Meh, anyway, congratiulations to SUOMI (haven't said it yet). Get that rc under your belt (while doing herb and con if you feel like it/if there's bxpw), and you've only got (semi) fast skills left :-)
  5. I might have yeah, I've been around here for some time. Is that thread still around?
  6. I thought this guy was the first to mention SUOMI?
  7. Adze, juju woodcutting potion + arctic pines> teaks* Are they kinda afk? How far away are those deposit boxes?
  8. Yay, a good opportunity for me to train hunting, a skill that I've long neglected. So far gotten 88-91 hunter in 3 hours 30 min. Planning to get 93, and then get 93 thieving to and start on mining (probably won't have time for mining). With all those 93, and agility through some pengs/effigies/trollinvasion/circus I'll have all skills above 93 :-). I'm kinda sad though I don't have any uber quick xp buyables left (like herblore and con), cause it feels almost like a waste not do those. Was a blast getting 90-99 con in a bit over an hour last xp weekend (long and curved bones).
  9. Damn, I joined tip it around that time, and I'm not sure what password I had back then. I don't think I ever used that on runescape, but I'm not 100% sure. Anything I can do to secure my account even more? I have random recoveries with the answer written down and hidden in my room, my tip it account is connected to an old hotmail account I never use anymore (and that I never connected my RS account to). My runescape character is connected to my main gmail account though, might change that EDIT: just checked my spam(on my regular emailadress) and I have some emails about runescape: "greetings, it has come to our attention that you are selling your runescape account..." (I don't dare to open it). This worries me quite a bit, because I wouldn't think hackers (or the ones trying) know about that emailadress. I have some emails from jagex etc. so it means that if that gmail account gets hacked, I'm screwed. What do?
  10. Sometimes you will need the lamps though to get to the level to start opening effigies with the skill. For instance, I used some effigies to get 80-89 something rc (together with pengs and elite diaries) and then I could start boosting for effgies and assists. If I wouldn't have done that, I'd have stayed low rc forever. Even at 91 rc, I used some lamps on them so I could get 93 faster, which makes getting assists so much easier. If I had to wait until I had enough xp from just opening effigies, I would have had a much harder time getting assists for a while. Also, bank space can be an issue. If were speaking about multiple levels by just opening effigies, you'd need space for hundreds of them (11k per effigie on average), which most people don't have. That being said, in an ideal case, it's best to do what you did yeah.
  11. No offense, but it seems like you're just not made for dungeoneering.
  12. TBH, I was already frowning a bit when you announced you were buying BXPW herblore ingredients. I remember that when you announced that, I went to check prices, and noticed you missed out on the dip, and already overpayed
  13. wtf, I had 600 seed nests, and only had 3 magics, 7 spirits, 12 palms.
  14. I wouldn't be too sure about snaps rising to 10k each. Remember how bots have been botting herbs for 6 months, and people have been hoarding herblore supplies in anticipation of this bxpw.
  15. Just so you know: a lot of people have been stocking up. This is the reason why a lot of the supplies aren't going up as much as people hoped. This coupled with bots keeping supplies low (but the poplular bonus xp ones, that were kept artificially high in anticipation of the bxw), will probably cause prices not to rise that much at all.
  16. Had 12k torstols (bought for 36k each) and sold em for 47-49k. While I was selling they were already going down. As the guy on 200m thread said, too many people stocked up, and with current deflation and bots, a price higher than 50k is pretty unlikely. Let's see what they do, but I think torstols will settle at around 45k. A lot of people with stocks of torstols are probably still at work, and will ditch all their torstols soon. Magic pots are not doing as well as I'd have hoped either. They're not even going over 5k. I have more hope for those though, seems like torstol was mostly focused on, but we'll see.
  17. Lol, reminds me I still have to go claim my fletch, smith, craft, attack, defence and strength cape
  18. Why barrage ghasts? They always seem to aggro on me, so I just rapier them? Do the hard ones also start predicting paths at lvl 80? I guess you could then try to avoid the long combat events, and go for other stuff? Or don't they lvl from bridge events etc? Any idea what would be best for powerlvling the hard characters (assuming you can predict paths) To the guy asking what to bring: Bring a yak with scrolls to bank talon beast charms etc. Also easy to store your sack of potatoes so they don't get rotten if you don't have a pouch (I haven't had one till I got the infinite one, cause my char uses their pouch on the ghast it's attacking, but the other ones still rot your food).
  19. SUOMI, do you slay on Lunars? (I guess you do, but just wanted to make sure)
  20. Let's not turn this into an "compare you xp/h" thread. No ones here is interested in any xp/h, but that of the top players. The reason they have such high xp/h is that the after all 99s, and when aiming for 200m, your xp will generally come in much faster (compare getting 200m overal xp, including 1-90 rc, 1-90 wc with parts of it in rsc etc etc...) versus getting 200m in cooking at 600k xp/h, or 200m crafting at 500k xp/h or ...
  21. Dont confuse people by mixing things up. "most things are profitable if you do it right" is an outright lie. If you say fletching is profitable when you cut your own logs, you actually mean that woodcutting makes profit, fletching makes a loss (or maybe a tiny profit, but not worth the time if you are doing it for the money), but the woodcutting gain is bigger than the loss in fletching, so overal you profit. This would mean the OP is much better of NOT fletching his stuff. So please, don't give advice if you don't know what you are talking about. (I'm not gonna bother commenting on the "get fancy and make pots" part, but it's obvious that making pots DOES NOT profit)
  22. THIS. If you wanna make the big money while skilling, you will have to pay attention (torstol farming with juju pots and grenwall hunting in between).
  23. Alright, thanks for clearing that up (thought it's an estimate, so a more correct answer from SUOMI would still be nice). I was wondering about something else now: What are your plans for XP weekend, SUOMI? It seems like anything but making overloads would be a waste? I hope you are planning to make a ton of overloads during the weekend? It would be some uber quick and relatively cheap herblore xp (since I heard you've bought supplies some weeks ago).
  24. Hey SUOMI, I was just wondering what your xp/h (average) is atm (for your whole account, so total xp divided by your total hours played). Mind sharing this with us? (and it would be interesting to see how other top players are doing, compared with him)
  25. Just did a trip, one effigy (at around 30 min). Your probably jsut being unlucky
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