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  1. I'm not really understanding this. Everyone on his livestream was telling him to turn it off so that people wouldn't DDOS the world any more, but how would someone go about DDOSing an entire world in the first place? I suppose I understand that a world has an IP address, but surely it's really difficult for someone to find these addresses and potentially even more difficult to know offhand what address is linked to what world? Forgive me if that's a stupid thing to say, but I'm a little bit cynical of the DDOS theory Dardan etc have.
  2. "The only reason you find them offensive is (because you've determined they're offensive) because they're offensive"? Indeed. Victorian-age code of ethics? http://en.wikipedia....e_Victorian_era "During the era symbolized by the reign of British monarch Queen Victoria, women did not have suffrage rights, the right to sue, or the right to own property". Yeah I'd call my code of ethics Victorian-age, that pretty much sums it up.. What? What does this have anything to do with women? When I said Victorian-age code of ethics I was referring to the absurd age-old idea that we as a society must find certain words offensive and that our children should be kept away from these certain words. Apologies If I've misinterpreted what you meant, but my interpretation of "Victorian code of ethics" would be the code of ethics used in the Victorian period. As this debate is all about (in my eyes) whether Jagex should be allowed to censor offensive language that isn't necessarily full of swear words, but could be seen as discriminatory in some way, I assumed you were referring to code of ethics in the sense of attitudes towards women/other races/homosexuals etc. Apologies If I've misunderstood. In terms of what you meant, I'm not sure society does feel a need to find certain words offensive, it's more that certain words have offensive connotations, hence our children should be kept away from these words, which will eventually lead (in an ideal world) to the words no longer being used. I agree that swear words actually don't do much harm (besides the n-word), but I do think that keeping racist terms or other discriminatory terms out of the game is probably a good thing.
  3. "The only reason you find them offensive is (because you've determined they're offensive) because they're offensive"? Indeed. Victorian-age code of ethics? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_in_the_Victorian_era "During the era symbolized by the reign of British monarch Queen Victoria, women did not have suffrage rights, the right to sue, or the right to own property". Yeah I'd call my code of ethics Victorian-age, that pretty much sums it up..
  4. How can a community become ONE community, if there are these kind of people, who think that it's not allowed to make jokes about them? Go offend a hetero person, he either laughs or offends you back, go offend a gay person, he either laughs or offends you back. Sexuality or skin colour or w/e else shouldn't be an excuse not to joke about them, because otherwise the community will never evolve. That's my opinion Did you actually just write that? I don't post very often, but this has pissed me off. I genuinely cannot believe that someone has just suggested that a community "evolves" by making discriminatory jokes more socially acceptable. Every time you make a joke about someone's race, sex or sexual orientation you are reinforcing negative stereotypes. I can't believe noone has challenged this guy. http://news.bbc.co.u...all/9373280.stm Oh yeah he was just joking, so it's fine. It's fine to claim that women don't understand the offside rule, because they're women. I mean really, HOW can our community become one community when there are people that find that sort of stuff offensive? [/sarcasm] Attitudes like yours are the reason that there is real inequality between the sexes. You may claim that it's "just a joke", but if you keep making jokes about certain groups of people being inferior, you might start actually believing it. "One should be man enough to ignore it, lol". Wow. "They're just words." Seriously? Have you ever been verbally/emotionally bullied in your life? Never been the butt of a joke that everyone else laughed at but you were slightly upset by? If you haven't you've been pretty lucky your whole life. I'd like to think society is past the days where people thought words couldn't hurt someone. Go and google "cyberbullying suicide", come back and say "they're just words." I realise that was completely off topic and outside the sphere of Runescape, but don't go around saying people should man up and that "they're just words". That's an exceedingly ignorant thing to say. OT: I see merits to both sides of the argument. While private chat is obviously private, it should be noted that if you private is on, random people can message you something hurtful and/or offensive. Obviously you can turn private to friends only, but it seems a tad ridiculous that people are complaining about not being able to make racist/sexist/homophobic comments to each other over private message. Take a step back and challenge yourself to think of insults that aren't derogatory to a specific group of people. I would go off on a huge rant but I'm not the best with words (maths degree) and I'm kind of tired. I'm sure people will come and tear my argument to shreds/pick out little parts of it and tear them to shreds. Hopefully people can at least agree that discriminatory jokes actually aren't ok, and we shouldn't just "ignore" it, and that words aren't really "just words". EDIT: I suppose in a way I've assumed that the chat filter does only block the things I've mentioned, and isn't malfunctioning. Just realised that's probably wishful thinking given this is jagex!
  5. I've gone for Zaros, but might change to Sliske. Reminds me of Varys from Game of Thrones, waiting in the shadows - definitely going to play a big part in future storylines!
  6. It's the Daily Mail, they aren't renowned for doing actual research :P Best used as toilet paper. Check out this gem http://www.dailymail...te-minutes.html
  7. There are rumours that a nerf of warbands is coming in soon - details can be found through the warband pk website. Supposedly halving the exp gained from warbands. I'm not sure if it says anywhere on this thread, but I believe the rumours come after a Jmod podcast, or something like that. http://[Use Quick Find Code]/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?74,75,761,64974354 Would be a shame if they nerfed it. Although it has obvious flaws - monopolised by a fc that charges people for ranks - it's still a piece of content that encourages a bit of interaction and a nerf would more than likely mean it becomes dead content.
  8. Exactly what I was about to say. It genuinely sounds like she doesn't play the game haha!
  9. [sorry to bring up a dead topic, but figured it's preferable to starting a new one] Isn't a wand + book better than a staff? More specifically to me, SoA or master wand + whatever book (mage's I suppose)? And I'm guessing the setup should be with void over mage gear?
  10. I watch most Runeshark videos, along with some Born For PVM and a tiny amount of sparcmac/other guides. So basically general bloggy-type videos with a bit of humour in, along with a few guide videos with some hints. I just like getting a third opinion on stuff and listening to what other people are up to, and RuneShark is pretty easy listening/watching.
  11. Someone said something along the lines of "If you send River Island an email complaining they'll respond asking why" - I'm not sure this is really true in this context. If you were to send River Island an email saying "All of your products are shit, you've sold out and are a bunch of [bleep]ers", they wouldn't reply. Simple as that. I can't believe anyone's defending Suomi here - Jagex are completely within their rights to cancel his trip. He badmouthed them, and fair enough it was outside of the game, but so was the trip. This is all reminiscent of a 5 year old having a tantrum. If I were suomi I'd keep quiet for a few days, make a (sensible) apology, get 5b, and be over with it. It's fairly clear this is all going to reduce to months of bitterness against Jagex. This has soured the acheivement so much.
  12. I was under the impression that you had quite a few of those, rather than one-offs. So are you saying you can only got 75 Max of each trade goods? One from 25 voyage and one from the 50 voyage? I think it's more like you'll get 25 of each trade good from finishing every adventurer storyline, and then 50 for each triple adventurer storyline. I'm not sure if the trade good you get is random or specific to the adventurer(s) - I think it's the latter. Edit - but yeah, you can only finish each storyline once (I believe)
  13. I'm having a seriously crappy time trying to recruit a sea witch. Had the mission and succeeded probably ~10% into the Skythe. Am now 80% into the Skythe and have yet to get one. Is this a known bug or am I just ridiculously unlucky? I've upgraded the lodgings since probably 40-50%, and quite a few days (and extra crew rolls) have passed since I got the mission.. Is it possible to get any resource from the final storyline reward? i.e. Am I going to be able to get 25 plate from the Assassin, or does she only give spice for her completion reward? Ridiculously jealous of the people who've already managed to get pieces of the armour(s)!
  14. What are the fastest methods to train defence currently? A number of methods would be nice given the recent changes to EoC. As far as I'm aware you should be able to get fairly decent rates barraging dags, but that may have been updated/changed? Thanks for any replies.
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