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  1. Thanks for your answer Randox. Seems like you understood my rambling very well. There is indeed a certain amount of compromise expected, and I feel kinda bad when she lists it all up and tells how great of a chance this is to do this together, yet still giving enough freedom. Then I feel a fool for wanting more. It's not like Cornell isn't a huge opportunity and that I will not learn alot there. But then I go home and it starts eating me again. Doesn't help when wise people I respect tell me to not let an early relationship decide such things in this stage of my life. And those are indeed the right questions to ask. I would say the last one is a tricky one though, because that is a straight no for me actually
  2. removed, I prefer not to have this personal information linger on the internet. Thanks for the help all! I'd appreciat if you would edit your quotes.
  3. removed, I prefer not to have this personal information linger on the internet. Thanks for the help all! I'd appreciat if you would edit your quotes.
  4. Care to comment on this, SUOMI?
  5. The same person that did cave crawlers for 100's of hours and agility for 1000's of hours? (it's only 750h btw)
  6. SUOMI, can you explain why you don't train your attack at waterfiends (with steel titan for quicker charms). Fiends are only slightly worse than rock lobs for summ xp/h, and you get decent attack xp, whereas rock lobs would give nothing but charms. Also, fiends are more than break even whereas rock lobs are very expensive. Don't you have any money problems anymore? Compare both secenarios: 1) Max attack at skeles (slight loss because of prayer pots and degrades). Max summ at rock lobs (big loss cause of rune costs) 2) Max summoning at waterfiends (break even/profit) while getting attack xp on the side. Finish off the rest of the xp at skeles (if anything left). Surely scenario 2 seems much more attractive to me, both time-wise as cost-wise. EDIT: did some rough calculations Assumptions: 200k xp/h at skeles 100k summ xp/h at rock lobs 80k summ xp/h + 100k att xp/h at fiends 1.5m loss per hour at rock lobs (560 barrages at 2.5k per is 1.4m) break even at fiends costs at skeles negligible Scenario 1: Max att att skeles: 93m xp at 200k xp per hour: 465h (cost: roughly zero) Max summ at rock lobs: 60m xp at 100k xp per hour: 600h (cost: 900m) Total hours and costs: 1065h, 900m Scenario 2: Max summ at waterfiends: 60m xp at 80k xp/h: 750h (cost: zero). "side xp": 75m att Max remaining (93m-75m = 18m) at skeles: 90h (cost: roughly zero) Total hours and costs: 640h, 0m I know my assumptions might be a bit off, but the general conclusion seems obvious to me. EDIT2: I tried some numbers that would favour rock lobs: 110k summ xp per hour at rock lobs 80k att xp at waterfiends (as well as 80k summ xp, which i am pretty sure of, based on my own experiences) Scenario 1: 1010h, 818m Scenario 2: 915h, 0m Also, waterfiends will give you the occasional effigy. Even if it's only 1 effigy in 20 hours, that's still 37 effigies, which is better than nothing.
  7. Can you train att on crush with chaotic maul?
  8. Yes, I am also curious to know. With 60M summoning xp to go, it seems you'll likely need at least all your remaining attack xp to get the rest of your charms. He said he'll be barraging rock lobsters for the rest of the charms in one of his videos. Isn't that barely better than waterfiends at ct? Yeah, I don't get why he doesn't do waterfiends till he has charms for 200m, then switch to ape skeles. I'm pretty sure the time you lose with inferior charm rate (190 vs. 200-something?) is made up by the time won by the attack xp per hour at fiends (versus no xp at rock lobs). edit: just thought about the crush option you need: no way to train attack there. Unless you try rapier. I've heard it's about as good as zammy spear with maxed stats and ovl.
  9. inb4 blows on crackers :P inb4 drumgun complaining :P
  10. It just make things cost less due to increased supply. Right, it doesn't literally bring money in or take it out of existence, just shuffles it around. I never said it did
  11. Well done Enaid, loved the guide (even though I knew about everytyhing)
  12. I would say expensive monster drops also create some sort of deflationary effect, because they "dilute" the money over more items.
  13. I think it would be best to do agil and hunter seperate. (jads and agil + BA). And yeah, the +6 is invisible so it won't help you to catch warlocks
  14. The fastest way would be to carry just prayers and overloads for 9 chests (or doesnt it use a charge when teleing to the surface?). Use amulet to tele back to the surface of barrows (saves time), and when one charge left, tele burg de rot, bank and tele to barrows.
  15. Damn, I was planning to do some glacors for effigies/boots/arma staff, but at 40m a staff this won't be worth it so I'll probably won't keep going till 100 shards
  16. They crashed harder than ever during BXP Oh yes, I forgot. Everybody and their uncle thought it would be a bright idea to pull the "hoard herbs then sell them all at once when BXPW comes around" shtick. However, they were a little late for that boat. Now everyone seems to have caught on to the BXPW schedule, so everyone was prepared. But because of this, they had nobody unprepared enough to buy their herbs at ridiculously high prices. They managed to catch the next proverbial boat, and proverbially sunk it. Exactly. Bots don't have anything to do with this. Everyone anticipating for bxpw kept prices of all supplies higher than they should be. Compare whip price evolution since free trade vs. torstols since free trade. Whips went down (deflation + no more lost in pvp), while torstols maintainted their prices. Normally, torstols would have dropped but people investing in them, for the next bxpw kept the prices higher than their equilibrum. Then, bxpw came and ALL those stockpiled torstols flooded the market, and torstols crashed like mad, probably even under their equilibrum price (because of the huge supply because of stockpiling). EDIT: if you don't like whips cause they also suffer from the "no more lost through pvp" effect, look at some other supplies (water talisman for instance).
  17. bedman


    Wouldn't that be less magic accuracy than ahrims? I prefer to kill the Unstable glacyte last, and accuracy is pretty important to KO the unstable Glacor before it regenerates. If I were not to use void, should I just wield a DDef the whole time, or switch it with Mages' book/Fally shield 4 when the glacytes appear? It's a bit less accurate than Ahrims yes, but you are killing the minis with void melee, so that is no issue. Also, your magic accuracy on the glacors will still be very decent. Heck, some people are killing them in melee gear and report very decent accuracy.
  18. No effigies? That's a shame :(
  19. Glaiven boots are only 9m anymore? Steadfast 3m? Was 20m yesterday
  20. Looking at the GE price jagex set, I would think it's less (like 1/100). 2.5m gp for an item that takes 6-8 hours to get, is pretty low. On the other hand, we all know how well Jagex knows their game...
  21. Ragefire ones(mage) going for 8m Steadfast instant sell atm is 18m. Few hours ago 20.3m, so they're going down pretty fast it seems. I see them stabilizing at 5-10m
  22. Nice cropping babe & imageshack link ;) But congrats, can only tell what boots they are by the url name :P Crazy people will pay 20+m for boots that are only SLIGHTLY better than boots already in game Yeah I saw that, and then forum crahsed and now cba fixing. Anyway, got a second pair now. Sold for 18m, they're dropping fast.
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