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  1. That's what I like about it. I understand it's extremely dated but the one thing I've always liked about this game is it's simplicity. Ohwell might just be a steep learning curve until I've got my head round it.
  2. I'm pretty disappointed in the new system. I understand the game needs to evolve but this looks like it will be too much for me. The reason I like this game is because I can play it with very little attention. I can get home from work and chill on the sofa while I play, this requires far more concentration which I am really not down with. If I want to play a game that intensely I would just go on my Xbox and play a better game. What I am hoping is that over the next couple of months until release, things become a lot more clearer and I understand everything a whole lot better. Regular combat is second nature to me and I hope this new system will become the same.
  3. This sucks so much, I played it for like 15mins but it is so laggy. Going back to the live game for the time being.
  4. Obviously people do but I could never imagine using Frost Dragon bones. Soooo expensive considering normal dragon bones are still fast XP.
  5. I have 99 banked, just need to get round to using the bones. The way I did it was stages. Got 70 for Piety ages ago and then once curses were released I made money through merchanting to pay for 95, since then I have gotten 85dg and kill Frost Dragons for money. I sell the frost bones and buy normal dragon bones. I also waited to buy all my bones when I felt they were at a good price. I payed 2,810 p/bone about 2 weeks ago as I personally believe there will be another bot nuke in the very near future and also the new combat system could have new prayers that people want to train for. If these two things happen then prices could go sky high for bones. After the first big bot nuke they went up to nearly 5k each at one point. I have invested all my money in dragon bones so I actually have more than I need. Hopefully it pays off tomorrow when we see how combat is going to change and if not they should go up a bit whenever the next bot nuke occurs. My overall advice would be to buy bones as soon as you can before the next bot nuke and then train it up in stages like most other people seem to do.
  6. This sounds great all sounds great!! I personally think Prayer will remain very useful, even more so now they are releasing the mage and range version of Turmoil - Anguish and Torment. :) I think they may release a higher level Prayer too but that is just a guess, we'll find out in a few days!!
  7. Actually, yes. http://forum.tip.it/topic/257212-new-skill-research-roleplaying-dungeon-master/ Oh sorry my bad... Well I never thought anything like that would be a skill!!
  8. Whatever it is I am sure very few people, if any, will have correctly guessed what it is. Did anybody ever imagine Dungeoneering would be a skill?
  9. Cool. That's a lot of accounts. Congratz Jagex. :)
  10. Suomi will get 200m all before a new skill gets released imo.
  11. I got 99 crafting a long while ago when I had no money but really loved the skill. I learnt how to merch for money and then did that while playing SC. I played in a non-cmb SC friend chat and had a lot of fun doing so. Yes it's "inefficient" but my advice would be try it out and see if you enjoy it. It saved me a lot of money and time stood in a bank. I went from level 80-99 with SC needles, making green d'hide bodies which at the time were the best xp/gp.
  12. If you're buying spins to get this mask to then sell for gold then you might aswell just hold on to your cash and wait until they start selling gold and just buy that. I can't see these masks being worth hundreds of millions anytime soon.
  13. Cool, looking forward to the combat beta. That's obviously going to be taking up a huge amount of resources so I don't mind about the lack of updates this month. :)
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