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  1. So to recap: Runescape Servers run into a brick wall. Avast update makes everything on the web register as a virus. Gooooooood day to be on the Internet. Yup. Things are going smooth.
  2. :P I'm going to go ahead and start Humidifying, cause from what I've been hearing, it sounds like there's still a strong market. I've been checking out the xp I'd get for casting all 100k, and I just can't wait to get my first Achievement cape... so I've gone ahead and already placed some large clay & rune orders!
  3. HYT I've got a very simple question today, I'm pondering whether to invest in the "Humidify" magic training method specifically using clay. Buying 100k of regular clay won't be a problem, neither will the Astral runes... but I'm not sure how strong the market is for soft clay right now. All I'm wondering is whether you guys have used this method recently, and been able to sell your soft clay quickly (within about 2-3 days.) Thanks for reading, I look forward to finding out if I can start training my magic tonight!
  4. We must be, the change we wish to see.

  5. Glad to know you're still keeping a presence in the forums after all these years. Hope you had a good new years!

  6. My mind is never made up. I'm always open to change and a new opinion. Change is invigorating! If you don't accept new beliefs, you become complacent and lazy, your life atrophies. Debates lead to new questions and new solutions! New beliefs force us to experiment and adapt, that's how we learn and grow. But onto the GS discussion... This is exactly what I've been trying to say, only said (much) more succinctly. I'm not anti-GS or pro-GS by any means. Frankly, Godswords are unnecessarily expensive, and not worth it to most people. However cost does not wholly define value, and they are still good weapons if not the best in the game.
  7. It seems I'm building the great wall 'o text brick by brick... haha You cannot talk about using the GS in any situation, then immediately redefine the situation as being only Saradomin GWD. I don't care about the GWD, because that's irrelevant to lower-middle level players who we've been discussing. Far from there being "no reason" why a player would own a ZGS if they don't plan on doing Sara GWD, there are literally thousands of reasons why a player may want to own the ZGS. Any combat training on any creature in the game (save the wildy) is fair game. You still don't get the situation we're talking about. Sara GS has decent enough stats to train against most creatures in the game, and the reason one may choose to use it would be to get the most out of the extra prayer and LP the special would give. There isn't any need to any of this, none of this is necessary, but it's an excellent way to recover health for free while training combat skills. The extra prayer is just a very nice bonus to use while training, further lengthening the time of each session, and reducing the need to bank at all. Since you mentioned prayer pots, why not! If you've got a high enough prayer level where it's more efficient to stock up on some prayer pots instead of a few slots of food, then go for it. Relative worth is defined by your values, if you value experience over money then they a certain one may be worth it to you, or may not be. Needless to say that's a personal decision. I never talked about "accuracy" or "claimed" anything. Where you referring to someone else, or what did you mean? You should never need a Godsword in any situation ever. However there are tons, and tons of situations where they are useful, and fit the bill nicely. The special attacks make some basic leveling easier, and can make grinding that much more painless. Your values are your own, and at higher levels in RS the Godswords should become obsolete. It's probably fair to assume you've hit this point eh?
  8. Nope (Loved the TF reference) They are slow, and lack in power compared to other weapons. They do less damage per second than a whip, and you can't wear a shield. Their specials are easily replaced too. Bandos GodSword can be replaced by a Statius warhammer, Zamorak GodSword can be replaced with an ice barrage, Saradomin GodSword's healing abilities are weak compared to eee, bunyip or unicorn, and the prayer recovery can be done with an ancient mace. Armadyl godsword is easily replaced with korasi's or Dragon claws. Except for the ice barrage, you can purchase or earn the alternatives quite easily, even if you only have the attack requirement needed for a GodSword. GS do not "lack in power" when compared to most other weapons in the game. In my (full) quote I said "there may be some low percentage of other weapons (lets say 10% or less) which are more powerful" - Bandos GodSword can be replaced by a Statius warhammer, no qualms there. - Zamorak GodSword cannot be replaced with an ice barrage. Are you serious? Ice Barrage requires a magic level of 94, I don't understand why we're making a leap and assuming most lower-mid players trying to train their combat levels would have 94 magic. - Saradomin GodSword's healing abilities are weak compared to eee, but you'd have to complete all of the elite seer's village challenges for a better healing effect, and it's still a much weaker weapon. Also, the prayer recovery by the ancient mace would mean you carry it in addition to a different primary just for the prayer recovery special. Sure you can carry a whip, eee & ancient mace in your inventory instead of the Sara GS, but that's extremely inefficient and not very practical. - There's a time and a place for the Armadyl godsword, but I too consider it a waste of resources. Still it hits higher than either korasi's or Dragon claws, so I don't think you could "easily" replace it with either. The Godswords are great weapons, but not the best in the game. You're defining "powerful" as "best" which is not what anyone has been saying on this thread. Godswords in RS are powerful in the classic definition of the word.
  9. At your combat level you don't need healing, and you could do much better than a GS for training. You're missing my point if you think this applies to you.
  10. Whip/ee or eee is better Yeah, these are just semantics and there's basically no point in arguing past that point. I already admitted they are partially useful for some people at TD's. Still, I am saying they are "useless" to show exactly how limited these scenarios are. GS have like one main reasonable use, and that's about it. Saying that they're useful gives other people the impression that a GS is a reasonable purchase for a noob, which it is not. I'm baffled why you continually state your opinion as fact, that's not a very intelligent or persuasive way to discuss anything. Misusing the word "useful" is definitely not semantics... you understand exactly what he's trying to saying, and he makes a very valid point which refutes your "useless" argument. Giving other people the impression that a GS has "very limited use" is illogical since they make up some of the best weapons in the game. While there may be some low percentage of other weapons (lets say 10% or less) which are more powerful, the GS have special attacks which are unique in Runescape. When you dismissed my original comment about the Sara Godsword being a powerful training tool for a lower to middle-tier player, you vaguely said the whip/ee is "better." Since the Saradomin Godsword's special recovers a minimum of 100 LP, it is an excellent way for players attempting to train their combat levels up because it can allow for far longer training sessions, using much less restocking time. Hence, it can allow for more efficient leveling, in certain situations of course. The Armadyl GS in particular also has a use in PvP, where high hits reign supreme. Godswords are extremely useful in the eyes of most RS players. Granted, if you have the stats, you can use other higher level equipment. They also have their uses!
  11. The Sara Godsword is a great weapon for lower-ish levels to train their combat up, and many higher level players without the Dung. requirements for chaotic weaponry.
  12. Well that's an excellent point. I wish I had known BKQ had no randoms about 20 magic levels ago! This is a fairly big deal to me, as Soul Wars can amass a large amount of people (causing lag on my laptop) and is the only place I thought had anti-random properties. However it is still possible the enchanted valley only has less randoms, not a complete lack of them. That's why I created the poll/thread, so I could find out if anyone has ever had a random in this area.
  13. HYT! I'm currently High-Alching my way to level 90 magic. My favorite place to do monotonous tasks like these is in BKQ, the fairy ring "Enchanted Valley." Now, I'm about 10K alchs into my goal, and I've noticed a peculiar lack of Random Events. Is this valley like Soul Wars, and impervious to the horror of Sandwich lady, and the evil genius of Bob the cat? ______________ Did you Know? ______________ - The River Troll, formerly a fishing random, now makes its home in the Enchanted Valley (Fairy Ring BKQ). Try to fish in the fishing spot and it will appear and attack you. - The Rock Golem, formerly a mining random, now makes its home in the Enchanted Valley (Fairy Ring BKQ). Prospect or try to mine the rock in the southeast corner of the valley, and it will appear and attack you. - The Tree Spirit, formerly a woodcutting random, now makes her home only in the Enchanted Valley (Fairy Ring BKQ). She will appear if you try to cut down any tree there. [via Tip.it]
  14. Hmmm, I didn't think about stringing amulets, thanks! What kind of amulet do most people string? I suppose I should mention that I have access to Ancient Magicks & Lunar Magic as well. I never thought about training with them, I guess I just didn't know these methods. Any other popular ways to train?
  15. HYT! So, my last thread was a discussion about modern money making techniques, and now that I've been successful and raised over 100M gp, I'm looking for something to do with it! My current Magic level is 78. My goal is 99 (Isn't everyone's?) I'm looking to hit 99 Magic in the next month, but how should I do it? With over 100M to spare, I'm looking for the fastest possible way to train my Magic level, sparing no expense. What do you suggest?
  16. What exactly is your strategy, making amulets of glory?
  17. This^ And as others have been saying slayer! Lauras Daily guide This looks very promising, thanks! I've got a few goals now too, it seems this new summoning skill is quite useful. Thanks for the tips & links guys. From what I'm seeing here, it looks like my best way to go would be to follow this guide for about 1250K then go onto kingdom management for more profit. This will be my long-term goal ;)
  18. Thank you, that sounds like solid advice. How much money does Kingdoms rake in? I've done both the quests or I wouldn't ask, but now you've got me intrigued... :P
  19. Thank you Muddy, Yes I have completed the manage thy kingdom quests, but I don't believe I have enough money to begin investing and make a profit. What do you mean by herb runs of snapdragons? And I'm sorry to get all specific on you, but I think fairly mathematically... so how many green dragons do you think a level 92 could kill an hour? How profitable would that be? Thanks! Oh, and here is my profile "high scores" on Runescape.com itself: li Karma il If it helps! __________________ As a sidethought, I noticed the price of logs (specifically yew & magic) are doing quite well still. I'm okay with doing some woodcutting to get some quick cash if that's the most efficient method available.
  20. Hey Tip.it! It's been far, far too long since I've roamed the land of Asgarnia.... I last logged into Runescape about 2 years ago, and it's been a long time coming, but I'm finally ready to plunge back into the game. When I logged on, it got me wondering... what are some of the new money-making strategies? Looking at my measly 300K in the bank, and all the new quests (I almost had that quest cape too!) I'm at a bit of a loss on what to do first. So here's what I'm wondering. What's worked for you guys in the last year? Are there any strategies you'd like to share with your fellow forum goers? Thanks for reading! Below are my current stats, just in-case you have a specific suggestion for me: Runescape.com Full Profile: li Karma il <-- Shows quest completion and such. Thanks for the feedback!
  21. Has ANYBODY else encountered this issue? This happens on every PC I've tried so far (4+) but I've not tried different accounts...
  22. Each little section has a yellow or green box around it. The system wants you to have all green boxes (every part filled out) before you can submit the request. My problem is every box is filled out, and there are only green boxes... but it still won't let me submit the application!
  23. Well after about a years hiatus I've decided to come back to Runescape however I do not remember my last password. I've filled out the password recovery form to completion however it still encounters an error. It tells me "Unfortunately we've encountered an error processing your application, please complete any boxes marked yellow and try again." Now no matter what I do, it always shows the error, and I'm getting really frustrated! Does anybody know this bug, or anything I could do to fix it?
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