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  1. all those people worrying about 8th grade: don't. it's one of the easiest years ever. the change from 8th grade to 9th however..be ready for a big difference in homework. also since i have after school sports i dont really play anymore..which is a big bonus for me since i want to quit anyways.
  2. you have 93 fletching and u cant make enough money for a whip..thats just sad..sell the whip..use the money for supplies and buy him two
  3. mines uhhh black mystic gloves froma banshee :lol:
  4. im just saying increasing the limit on just the dungeons would be a very useful update
  5. sweet range and slayer i love slayer too....but how do you do very good at dag kings with only 66 def..i thought guthans was a necessity
  6. Hey, most of you won't know me as I'm not very well known on these forums. Well recently I started playing this game again on my rune pure and when construction came out I thought....ugh another update that will be just something to do in your spare time and a big waste of money. That all changed once I got membership. My friends kept telling me to get a house because they are so much fun and once I fell for it I loved the skill immediately. Well, the other day I was looking at the construction calculator on Runehq(yes i know go ahead and shoot me but my friend said it was good) and eventually I found a house planner. Now I was messing around with that making the best house I could and eventually I made an astonishing find! I discovered that your dungeon doesn't count as 1 room it is made up of very many. Now this is my petition, Make the dungeon only count as one room or make a seperate limit of say 30 rooms or something for the dungeon so that people can have bigger dungeon which would equal more fun, more challenging events, and a bigger money drain which it seems Jagex wanted with this skill. Also, I say to let people drain more money and have even bigger houses to brag about I say increase the room limit on the house to 30 or 40. Now lets make a petition here and see what happens. Sorry that my post was so long I didnt realize until i was done. If you agree with me and are a construction fan.. feel free to pm me in game RSN: owned__u2(2 spaces)
  7. ill come but do u know what time it is for USA eastern time?
  8. i tried that and they barely sold to me at 25 each....f2pers arent stupid
  9. i tried coal but i really didnt find too many buyers
  10. right now i am merchanting and im starting with 200k and im trying to work up to 1mil+. Currently im merchanting yews buyin 230 and selling 250 but i really can only do 1k at a time so its pretty slow. Now i ask you guys what can i do at my level that is pretty fast and stilll makes a good profit.
  11. i like it at night because i notice that everyone is more mature
  12. okay, my account is named owned__u2 and is currently a lvl 64 rune pure. I've only had members for 2 days now and today i tried construction for the first time. I got to lvl 16 before i realized i only had 50k left. These are my current stats: 48 att, going for 60 or 70 65 str, going for 80+ 40 def, going for 45 26 pray, going for 52 53 mage, going for 70+ 45 range, going for 70+ Now my question is for you, should i be a staker with the stats of like 80 65 80 or keep going on my current path. I want to be a staker since i know they get more money but i love the thrill of pking and with my love of construction i need a better source of income. Which should i be? And what stats should i get and what rules should i stake with(if a staker) also feel free to pm in game rsn: owned__u2
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