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  1. RSN: I Rule 21 Requesting: Guilded altar with 2 burners Timeframe: 1:30pm - 7pm gmt How to Contact: Pm me here or in game Additional Info: i have my own marrentil, need to burn just over 1300 bones
  2. Hey lonk! Good luck on your goals :D Do you remember me from sd?
  3. Hey, Good luck with your goals! Your almost there anyway :P I hope you get 99 mining and smithing too, they are the best skills!!! I know what it's like to be a girl ingame, most people think your a boy in disguise so you can get free stuff. It's really annoying! You just want to stab them.... Um, anyway away from my crazy ranting. Good luck :thumbsup:
  4. Good luck! You have already mined quite a bit of gold ore. Trust me i know the feeling of mining lots of it, although perhaps not that much! Me and you share the same passion for mining and smithing. I'm currently going for both capes, but mining will come first. Good luck (said it again so it's extra lucky)
  5. Thanks Dracion1 for being there! Can someone move my topic if it needs to be moved?
  6. Ok well today and yesterday i didn't do anything to help my goal. I was filling an order for my clan.
  7. Well done! You can now do all the protect from prayers.
  8. Nah i'm trying to get all my skils 50+ whilst trying to get 99 mining and smithing. I'll do legends some other time lol.
  9. Nice! Good luck with getting your wc up, i find it boring lol.
  10. Well to do slayer you need combat, and you go to a slayer master and they give you a task and you have to kill a certain amount of a monster.
  11. Nice mining and smithing! Good luck with your goal, i'm going for 99 mining too.
  12. Nice, addy smithing is cool but rune is better. Good luck getting your smithing higher :thumbsup:
  13. Congratz!! 99 rc is hard to get, you have a lot of patience.
  14. At the moment i'm doing a 3k gold ore for my clan so i won't be making any bars or amulets.
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