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  1. I'm now seeing a small nostalgia thread starting. You're in the first picture.
  2. Where do you get this telegrab item in the North? I'm up to where Mum and Dad is at the end of Kamil's part in Desert Treasure, but I think I may be in the wrong place completely.
  3. They've updated all the numbers :( Bleughh.
  4. Wireless will never offer 100% coverage. Might be worth seeing if you can wire it directly to your Router. Also - could be related to your internet speed. Does anyone else use the internet when you do? Anyone downloading? Is your wireless secure? Might have neighbours leeching off you.
  5. Easily. Most dedicated graphic cards will do it. On that card you can run some better games such as Team Fortress or equivelent.
  6. Maybe I should clear up this account sharing thing. I worded it wrong. My sister - previous to this achievement has not played at all on my account. But I have given the account to her now that I have quit. My sister lives with me, so I don't see why this is a big problem? All the low raters I take as jealous tbh. :)
  7. Now I'm definatly quit :D My sister will most probably play on the account more - but I have removed all the friends that were on my friends list. Later. Please be advised that sharing accounts with people is against the rules because it is against Jagex rules. ~Lionheart_0
  8. A bit of Find + Replace has allowed me to fix all the errors. Feel free to use this version, no credits needed. Great guide, so I took it upon myself to fix the errors that some other people were struggling with. 10/10; AOW? 7. 65 - 81 Thieving So, I hope you got the hang of the luring/ko 'ing, because this step is practically the same! Only, this time you will be luring/ko 'ing Menaphite Thugs, the yellow and purple guys. And you 're lucky, they 're also in Pollivineach! ~Pollivineach~ How to get there: With the flying carpet from Shantay 's Pass Where: Mainly south part of town Just like before, lure them first, knock them out, and pickpocket them twice. Repeat. And this is where the fast exp will begin. At lvl 70, I managed to get 130,000-150,000 experience per hour. Amazing, right?! So, every time you success (Knock out + Pickpocket + Pickpocket) you gain 295 xp. To achieve 81 thieving, you will need to success 5,908 times! Thieving still not bores you? Well then, follow the next step! 8. 81 - 99 Thieving Yup, the very last step towards 99. And ofcourse, it is the longest. Now, have you ever heard of 'Pyramid Plunder '? Well, as you might have guessed, this is what you 'll be doing the next few weeks! It 's a minigame, in a pyramid (hence the name) that is located in Sophanem. ~Sophanem~ How to get there: With the flying carpets from Shantay 's Pass to Pollivineach and Pollivineach to Sophanem. Or by teleporting with a Pharaoh 's Sceptre Where: Just when you enter trough the gate. To succesfully play it you will need: - (Super) Anti potion / The book from 'The Great Brain Robbery - Food - If you chose for the book you 'll also need holy symbol of Saradomin Now, to enter the Pyramid, you will have to find the correct door. Keep trying till you find, and remember that one, because the mummy stays there for like 15-20 minutes. Now, the mummy gives you 5 minutes in the Pyramid before he kicks you out. There are some pretty detailed guides on how to do it here, but I 'm telling you quite summaried. - Open the chest in each room - Check for snakes in the second to last room (Which is room 6 from 81-91 thieving and room 7 from 91-99 thieving) - Check for snakes + search in your last room. (Which is room 7 from 81-91 thieving and room 8 from 91-99 thieving) - Repeat While doing this, you have the chance to get a Pharao 's Sceptre, which is around 750,000gp-850,000gp these days! And voila, after a few weeks you 've reached the almighty 99. Now, go get your cape! The thieving master is located in Rogues Den. Thieving Cape Animation: 9. Quick Guide To lazy to read all of the stuff I described above? Well, here 's a quick guide on how to get 1 - 99 1 - 5 Thieving: Men and women, all over Runescape 5 - 20 Thieving: Cake stall, Ardougne and Keldagrim 20 - 38 Thieving: Silk stall, Ardougne 38 - 53 Thieving: Master Farmers, Ardougne, Draynor and Varrock OR Guards, in all major towns 55 - 65 Thieving: Luring/Ko 'ing bandits in Pollivineach 65 - 81 Thieving: Luring/Ko 'ing Menaphite Thugs in Pollivineach 81 - 99 Thieving: Pyramid plunder in Sophanem I wish you luck! :D 10. Ending Words I hope you enjoyed reading this guide and I hope it will be any help at all for you. You might find thieving boring, but it 's not as boring as a lot of other skills, like mining or fishing. Thieving is fun, remember that while training. Also, if you have any questions or remarks, be sure to post them here, I will try to answer them as soon as possible. Sorry, but you can 't pm me with your questions or remarks, for the simple fact that I have my private chat on friends. Also, I wish you the best of luck on your way to whatever thieving level your goal is! Thanks, ~Stein~
  9. I'd suggest that you order the RAM off Crucial, because it has the exact RAM that is compatible with your Mobo. By two Chips, do you mean two sticks of RAM? Because yeah, you may need to purchase a Kit, that has two of the exact same make/model/chip count, so it will be 100% Compatible. I'd suggest you buy a 2x1 GB kit, that is by far enough.. I mean Crysis recommends 2GB of RAM, but sure upgrade to 4GB if you want. I just think it'll be pointless.
  10. Well it really depends on your budget, but you can get a Zotac 8600GT for about ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã70. That's what I've got on order at the moment. But, the 6600GT's and 7900GT's are very popular for gaming (Both nVidia). But yeah, depends on your budget really. EDIT: I'd use this website if you're English. http://www.overclockers.co.uk/
  11. Get the other half of the dsq and get it smithed! :D And buy the rest of Ahrims :) But, for your combat level, very nice 10/10.
  12. You amaze me, you really do. What's your combat level now? You should really spend time getting them 60s into 70s / 80s, then you'll easily be looking at a 2000 Total. 10/10 Tbh :)
  13. Nintendo Wiiiii :D (Shared with my Sister but meh) Games for the Wii (Zelda, Brain Training, Cooking Mama, Wii Sports, Wii Play, Table Tennis.) New Coat DAB Radio Woo :D DVD's Crysis 2GB RAM Zotac 8600GT And about ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã100 spending money. Gooo me :P
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