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  1. I don't care if they only worked on varrock. As long as the things they worked on look as great as the pictures they showed (p.s. I don't think they will) than I will be happy. I just glad they are keeping the other modes, because I have meet a few people who quit runescape because they didn't like the new graphics of runscape 2 compared to classic. I'm so excited for runescape 2.5.
  2. I want to know where in F2P their are either a few yew trees or willows and yews in a hidden place that I can raise my fire making.
  3. It is an amazing new system. I just hope it is as good as the pictures are. PS2 games made the images they released so much better than the actual game was.
  4. It does look like WoW. The map is the same. The chat is in the same place. And the interface bar is along the bottom.
  5. I agree with that p2p skills are useless. F2p for life (or as soon as I can find a credit card and pay five dollars a month.)
  6. I don't agree with the LOTR comparison because I have never seen anyone get their finger bit off with blood flying everywhere. I do agree with some points through not to the point the made. Before Jagax cracked down with it kids gloves it was bad for people under the age of seven. What the players said and did before some of the filters came on was horrible. And don't you go saying a kid will become an introvert just for not playing a game. Parents use to do much worse to previous generations and they were fine. Call up your grandparents and ask how they were treated as a kid, and than came and tell me you have a rough life. Some of you and how you succumb to peer pressure so easily and throw what ever smidgen of respect you possible claim to have for your parents that easy I sicken. When has the respect and listing to your elders gone from society today.
  7. I agree that you can never make an adequate replacement for the kind of people of liked the classic Pking. But the problems that are solved by the new system far outweigh in my mind the problems it create.
  8. godsfearme


    A hungry, smelly hobo wants the box, and kills you out of need. I own the patent to over three hundred inventions.
  9. Pro you have a potential food source if everything goes horribly wrong. Con what but the previous statement is not a con.
  10. Fat land disperses the water.
  11. Paralyzed By the Used. It was used to make my post on the chain song topic.
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