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  1. water battlestaff, 1 raw shark, 2 lobsters, soul runes, nature runes, grimy rannars
  2. Total kills: 7182 Whip count: 17 Whip ratio: 1:422 Not mine but my friend counted that.
  3. i got banned on david123 for burying bones eventho i did not auto or anything. Got banned for macroin :shame:, luckily it was a temp ban for 3 days ( lucky me ). Their system is unfair, you can get banned every minute for saying nothing for example : my friends friend got banned for saying " Hey " How wierd is that? Later he appealed and it was denied! their auto answer system is lame Sorry for using bad words but still. =D>
  4. 7 lvl 3 clues i don't kill for lvl 2 clues haha :shame:
  5. Started playin when the beta came online, at first i couldn't understand how to finish tutorial island so i was stuck there for about 4 days, until my friend showed me what to do. About the pking: I pked all the time, had charecters like " C___A___B" -> "Lordstrjoy" with 40-11-96 i think later got 98 strength and stayid lvl 72 with 99 range. :evil: used to pk with players like "blick,dittos,the_wozzy,dark__ness and lot's of more. had great fun, too bad it's gone now . :\ I miss rsc. :cry:
  6. In 2002 there we're no warrior mage optios... :shame:
  7. easier than barrows, done it many times. already. healer :twisted: killed queen bout 7-times already
  8. sleepie scammed like 3mil out of me ;)
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