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  1. Now there is this very nice feature to Runescape called an ignore list. While I personally have never used it, it is possible for anyone to use it to get away from spam. I understand that people don't really want to go through the trouble of right clicking a name in the text box and putting them on ignore because it is so much easier to report... I agree with laura0077 with all that she's said and I recommend following by those standards.
  2. You have to kill the golem with a smash attack, it says so in the journal
  3. Totally agree with you, I believe that there have been Player Moderators in the past (and maybe 1 or 2 in the present :x ) that have abused their powers and they have been punished for it. There are very few Player Moderators that do not deserve their status. Those few who do not deserve their status probably once did and have changed. I also believe many people look at Player Moderators in a bad light mainly because their friends (or they) have had bad experiences with them. I do get annoyed by being asked the same thing every day, but I try my hardest to act perky and positive all the time (even if I'm not). Personally, I've had many a person ask me for advice, and after I help them out, they usually say something along the lines of, "Your the nicest Player Mod I've ever met!" The problem with this is, usually the person saying this has either never met another Player Moderator and gets all of their stereotypes from their friends, or they have been on the wrong side of the law in some matter, and have never forgiven the Player Moderator for upholding their duty. The objective of a Player Moderator is to try your best to be a role model and to still follow all of the rules and regulations along with trying to get everyone else to follow them as well. It is a very hard job some days, and no different than regular players on other days. This job sometimes chafes and no is perfect. Everyone has off days and sometimes seem rude even if they do not really mean it. You have to keep in mind that Player Moderators are Players of the same game too. Player Moderators are not Gods that can fix every problem they come across (even though some may wish they were). Next time you encounter a Player Moderator, please remember that they are made up of flesh and blood, just like you. I hope that was a stirring speech, for I tried my very hardest. If you did not guess while reading, I am a Player Moderator. Also, this is my personal view on this subject, please do not think that this is the way any other Player Moderator feels, or Jagex in that matter.
  4. Thanks guys. Had around 6k planks in bank so I decided to use about 2500 of them. 85 Construction I'm thinking that I'm going to go for a higher Thieving xp now, so wish me luck with that.
  5. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I might add something later about how thankful I am. I'm keeping though, not selling. Yet I still wonder how much its worth, so feel free to tell me :)
  6. Thank you very much. Received most of my FM xp for this level last night while watching a great movie. The movie had 2 names, Léon and The Professional. I believe it was French made, but it was in English. I feel it was one of the best movies I have seen lately. So without further adieu, 89 Firemaking And yes thats a Morrigan's Throwing Axe. (which i bought)
  7. Yea I have not been playing too much, mostly because of my annoying workload from school. No idea when it will lessen. Also got to 69 Rune Full Helms from this task as well as 601 Blue Charms. Also forgot to mention that I got 128 Combat from this level.
  8. What have I learned from this experience? Ecto-prayer is still slow :(
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