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  1. Please give me that siggy, it is sooooo cool. I play guitar so I like it very much. I can play you a song too :P if you give me it 8)
  2. Do you have msn messenger maybe?
  3. Anyone got skype, ventrilo, teamspeak and msn messenger? and wants to talk, if you are bored? PM me with your address
  4. Oh yea the cool days..! 8) I remember the second day when I yelled at my IRL friend because I was in varrock and I wanted a tinderbox and he didn't bring me to shop. We were standing near the shop, and I yelled at him :lol: . Then I wrote few times where can I find tinderbox or anyone can buy me one and then I wrote in my language and a nice guy gave me it a slovenian from my country I tought it was so good WOW I had a tinderbox :lol: :lol:
  5. I know, but maybe not i hope. Omg i have to do rum deal and to start rum deal I have to do another 1 quest and to start that 1 quest I have to do another omg.... Can anyone sell me black pirate set and boots? plz? add me
  6. Do you need 42 agility really much? Or I can do with 39?
  7. Why is my stat pic too big?!? All guys got the same?!?
  8. Go to work now all quest masters :)
  9. Avast! Piracy and plunder await! For all of you who dream of a life on the ocean wave there is now a pirate captain recruiting for a dangerous voyage to a hive of scum and villainy south of Morytania. Bill Teach needs someone to help him sail his ship back home, and not just anyone can make the grade. Take part in a pitched sea battle, explore a town on an island in the south seas and learn how to look and behave like a proper pirate. Visit Port Phasmatys and come down with a case of Cabin Fever today!
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