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  1. Actually, mourners weren't the only monsters with the lowered HP for their specified combat level. Yeah, I trained from 1-80 ranged at mourners in like a week or so, and to like 80 strength. 45k EXP an hour, which is basically 4 times the norm. But there was also another placed that had "bugged" NPC's - shilo village. Man, that place was full of bugs, I thought you could high alch those gems for a load of gp? Well, I heard of it, but I didn't catch on :( But anyways, the undead monsters were around 40 hp or something. Man, it was the fastest range exp in the game, 60k an hour. Snake Slavik got 99 there (his newb, keep in mind), pretty damn fast, which is why you see the two snakes on top of the ranged lists :P I also got to 89 ranged. I'm pretty sure people trained melee there aswell, but for the most part, the EXP was excellent. Then like a week or so later, Jagex nerfed the exp at both spots. For that short time period though, training was pretty fast compared to the slow 10k an hour :P
  2. awesome, so who still plays runescape
  3. sup uhm, best pbs? if someone said 3 hit u, i'mma shoot em anyways, best mith pure > da killmasta. pked so much i got 20-23 defence? (H) leet fighter and leet archer pretty much handed the kkc's their [wagon] every time. uhhh yea. pking was great back then
  4. Although I don't know this guy personally, it's sad to hear about a fellow member of the community passing away - my respects go out to his family and friends.
  5. baiting owned back in the day, then it grew old :P
  6. of course but there are longer wars that have gone down.
  7. "The Gladz vs BK was the largest, longest, and closest war in RS history" LMFAO NO, MAYBE RS2 HISTORY?
  8. What do I need to re-enter that place again? ANd what do I need to enter the jungle,
  9. or they didnt want to eliminate the use of dragon weapons.
  10. try this site: its the runescape site after dns so maybe it doesnt lookup properly? or something.
  11. Got ZoneAlarm, had it for years now.
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