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  1. I can't guarantee it will work for you, and you may have already tried this, but try changing between Software, Directx and Opengl. I think it was changing to software that sorted this for me. Hope this helps. Anyway, on a similar topic, RS is literally unplayable for me and many others as I have been unable to log in since Dominion Tower update yesterday. . .
  2. Hi Junglebiscui, I had seen your clan on some other threads as well. My only concern is that how much I play very much depends on workload and I don't really want to be tied in to having to attend events. Would this be a problem?
  3. I don't know if this helps and you may already have put it in your appeal, but I got one of my accounts back fairly easily with minimal detail, but included the IP that my account was created and mainly played on. If you have access to this info, I think it is a massive help in the appeal process. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi, my name is Matt and I am 22. I have been playing Runescape on and off for around 8 years or so but have only just started playing again after a break of about 3 years. I have got back into the game and am looking for a social, mature skiller community. I don't often train combat and consider myself to be a skill-based player. I don't PK, or PvM very much so am not looking for that type of clan. What I want from a clan? - No compulsory events please. I am currently studying for a MA, so don't want to be forced into having to attend events. - Preferably based in/around the UK or Europe, for obvious reasons. - Smallish membership would be nice. I would like to get to know the other people in my clan. Can people please state how many members their clan has? - Active clan chat. I can be quite independent and like to stick to set goals so am not always up for group events that distract me from this. However, I want to be social and part of a nice clan community so will spend online time in clan chat. I realise that I may be asking a lot, but if you think that your clan offers this and are looking for a sociable member, please post and let me know. (PS. I'm going away tomorrow for the weekend, so if I don't reply, this will be why.) Thanks!
  5. I also love blogs like this. Much more interesting than simply a race for XP etc. Liking it so far, keep it up!
  6. Just spent a good few hours reading through all 55 pages of this blog. Absolutely incredible. I can't say I have the effort or patience to do the same, but congratulations on your achievements to date and good luck for future goals!
  7. After reading through this whole thread, I felt compelled to echo what others have already said. You have a way of writing that is very enjoyable to read and an incredibly fresh outlook to the game. As you yourself stated, it is important to remember that this is only a game and the purpose of it is therefore enjoyment. I think a lot of people forget this in their mad rush for xp. It shouldn't be a chore, it should be fun. I shall also be keeping my eye on this thread. All the best with your goals.
  8. I think you're all reading waay too much into this. "Understanding of micro-transaction and subscription based business models" They require someone for this position that understands RS as a business. Clearly they are not going to remove P2P and therefore need someone who understands how membership/subscription in an online game works. What's so terrible about this?
  9. Kickthat

    Clan members

    I completely disagree with most of you. Yes, you should chat/socialise with clan. However, if sometimes you want to train a bit more concentrated, that should be entirely up to you. If you NEVER enter/talk in clan chat then obviously that's a different matter.
  10. I've only recently returned to the game after a break of around two years and I would agree that in a number of ways it has changed pretty drastically. OP - I think you went a little over the top but you have a valid point. I would suggest that social interaction within the game demonstrates massively the decline in a friendly playing atmosphere. I've played in spits and spats for at least 7-8 years but have noticed recently that there is much less player to player interaction within the main public chat. I don't believe that this is entirely due to botting; it is much too easy to accuse everyone who is silent of being a bot. I think it is probably more due to the highly (over) competitive nature of many of the players as well as the introduction of various private chats (friends, clan). I think it's sad that the more social aspect appears to have been lost. It was one of the reasons why I stopped playing - as many of my in game friends quit and less people spoke in public chat the game became a lot more boring. People always used to talk when doing boring/repetitive skills like fishing/mining/wc etc. Now they seem more concerned about gaining maximum xp/cash per hour. In this way, it appears to me as though RS perhaps has become less of a game and more of a chore. The problem is that RS has so much content, as the OP points out. It takes literally years and years to master all skills and to work towards completing the game and some people are way to obsessive about achieving everything. I don't know why this seems to have happened more over the years though.
  11. Yeah, thanks. I just found it. Edited my previous post, must have been while you were typing that. Thanks for your help
  12. Yeah, I saw that on my main. However, this account is f2p, and when clicking the drop down box it says that is a members only item. My issue is i have my list of f2p quests, and Dragon Slayer is not on it. EDIT:: Ultra noob. Found it. Didn't realise the filter removed the quests you cannot do. Ta anyway ;)
  13. Hi, I haven't played for some time and have recently come back. I've logged onto my secondary account and want to be able to weild rune, so have to do the dragon slayer quest. However, it doesn't appear to be showing up in my quest list. Have they changed it so that only quests that you have requirements for show up? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  14. That's against the rules. :notalk: That was my best friend >_>.. Toobs :/ And of course, Jagex will be aware of this, right? No. Because they don't know you. Pretty simple, avoid saying things like that to ANYBODY and you will not get into trouble.
  15. Yeah, but what was the purpose of posting on a forum to ask if you could post the evidence. Asking it was asking for help, granted. But what now? This no longer belongs in help and advice surely as it's going to turn into a rant on customer support or some kind of debate. :?
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