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  1. Streetlight Manifesto FTW...too bad Tomas Kalnoky fractured his elbow riding his bike in Canada chasing a deer...
  2. How about Deloriagod? Delorialol Inc? Issy? And what was that group of kids called? They had that IRC channel, Darkwebz or something like that? Knives669?
  3. Yeah, I still talk to him on YouTube every once I a while...I see ShadowFaxPZ made a topic further down on Page 1...oh man...we had the funniest fights and flame wars ever...Any sighting of Ghost or MyPurpleCrayon? I'm not really here to stay, I was just talking t osomeone and it reminded me of Tip'it, so I just wanted to rekindle some friendships.
  4. Oh my god! Long time no see eh!? Please everyone, just let me have my moment here...I'm begging you.
  5. I'm reflecting back...some people just post that I remember so we can shoot the s***.
  6. Well that certainly is laughable. You must remember that the Pats play in arguably the weakest division in football, and most definatly the weakest in the AFC. They'll make the playoffs, but a Super Bowl WITHOUT Brady is out of the question. A few surprises: -Green Bay is 2-0, and Aaron Rodgers looks fantastic. Why aren't they talking about his success? If he was crumbling, the media would be all over him. Where's his praise? -The Chargers have lost two heartbreakers. However, Phillip Rivers has looked outstanding, and I still think they've got that division dispite their 0-2 start. -My Cleveland Browns are 0-2. This may surprise some people, considering they were very hot last year. To me, this comes as no surprise. Their schedule last year was a huge fluke, and this year they won't go more than 7-9. I hope I'm wrong, but I know I'm not. -The AFC is now up for grabs. Yeah, because without Bledsoe, a Super Bowl is out of the question. :roll: OK, I'll be honest now, Matt Cassel is not the Tom Brady who entered Game 2 of the 2001-2002 season and led them to the Super Bowl after starting 0-2. He did show he is capable of being a playoff QB (Jets game), but also has a good chance of being the next Rex Grossman. :ohnoes: I know you probably think I'm biased, but I still think the Patriots win the AFC East. The Bills won't keep this up, guaranteed. I think the Patriots will still go 4-2 in the division, 10-6, and win the AFC East. Don't forget how they (and the rest of the AFC East) luckily drew the AFC West/NFC West this year. I still like our chances, and who cares if Cassel won't win a Super Bowl. Who thought Eli Manning could win a Super Bowl after starting 0-2 last year? We Bostonians have been spoiled big time by having pretty much winning teams. I've never had a team (besides my UConn Huskies football team) that has worked its way up the ladder, like the Rays or Penguins, and we probably still won't till Brady retires. But I'll tell ya, this year will be helluva less nerve wracking and more exciting than in recent years. (Although every game towards the end of the year last year was exciting). TBH, Not sure how many of you guys have felt this, but having a team in the Super Bowl for the first time feels great. I was only 3 when the Pats made the Super Bowl in 1996 (and lost to the Packers), but I started getting into football in 2000, the last year of Drew Bledsoe (I think they went 5-11). But every Super Bowl after that felt less exciting, and way more nerve wracking. You can't understand how fun the second half of Super Bowl XLII was for Patriots fans -.-. I paced the entire 4th quarter...that is not fun. Now after the Super Bowl, if they win, it gets really fun, but during the game is like pure torture. Having a bad team working it's way up must be great. I hate this, being a Patriots fan, I basically expect the Patriots to win every game, and be up by at least 20 by halftime. And if they do lose, it basically ruins my whole week, especially with all the Giants and Jets fans surrounding me at school (I live in CT).
  7. Darky showed me that new photos thread, and I saw this, so I had to post obviously. First off: Nice guess Scott, 31-21, close! Second off: You really believe the NFL wants the Patriots to win? Did you watch the game vs. Indi?? I saw no wrong calls this game. I saw no wrong calls last game, the Ravens just got unlucky. Play-by-Play: Timeout Ravens when Brady was stopped on 4th and 1: Fair game, they called a timeout before the snap, seems fair that the play shouldn't count. False Start: Whistled right before Heath Evans was stopped, fair game. Holding Call in End Zone; I would have called it DF Pass Intf., he clobbered Ben Watson. It's pretty fair game, buddy. Third: Anybody else see that trick play? Brady --> Moss --> Brady --> Jabar Gaffney. That play was absolutely disgusting. Fourth: Biggest game of the Year -- Next week, Patriots vs. THE WORLD. Spy Gate or Nothing. The Patriots will still post 100 on the Jets. I cannot wait to watch this game. I hope the Patriots post up 100. Tell your Free Safety, Smith or w/e that guys name was to get the job done if he's going to run his mouth. It's actually idiots like him who cause the Patriots to be called "unsportsmanlike". Yeah, we're going to taunt us if you throw c*ap at we still beat you 34-13. Bring it on, Eric Man"p*nis". You are 3-10 in NY, nobody likes you. You win 3 Super Bowls as DB/Def Coord in NE, nobody likes you. I can't wait. Oh bring it on. This next week will go by too slow.
  8. Scott just told me about this, daaaaaaaaaang dude! You are going to be making some serious money in tips. That country club is in one of the richest part of the US of A. (56th to be exact) (430k per person is the average income) The place where everybody drives 1 Hummer, 1 Bentley, 1 BMW, 1 Lincoln, and 1 Porsche for each day of the week. No joke. I bet a lot of Greenwichers do. Get ready for some caassssssh...you are going to get some major NY-Area celebrities and rich kids. Houses that You Will See: If you are wondering, Vince McMahon (owner of billion? dollar organization, the WWE is from there, HHH, one of the wrestlers is from there, George HW Bush, Mel Gibson, Jack Nicholson, Adam Sandler, Regis Philbin, Steve Young (NFL HOF QB for the 49ers), Allan Houston (Bball for NY Knickerbockers?). That list is past/present. Not sure which is which. But those are the guys I know of. Lol if you are saving up for a laptop or ps3, you might as well buy it after the first week in tips alone. And, Rush, she goes to Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.
  9. I'd like to make one more post here. First: Go Sox. Second: Maybe Japan could beat the Yanks. Now put together a team from Japan and see if they could beat the Red Sox. No, I don't mean Daisuke Matsuzaka (Japan's best pitcher), Hideki Okey-Dokey-Jima (Japan's second best pitcher ;)), Ichiro Suzuki, Hideki Matsui, and all the other all stars from Japan. Give a serious team, build of young-average-old players and poor-average-good players and see if they could beat the Sox. If the Red Sox had Manny, Vladi, Matt Holliday, Prince Fielder, Papi, A-Rod, Jose Reyes, David Wright, Johan Santana, Curt Schilling, Brandon Webb, Jake Peavy, Jacoby Ellsbury :thumbsup: , and others, then I'd let Japan pick an all star team. Now, WBC doesn't apply. Look at the USA's roster. http://sports.espn.go.com/mlb/worldclas ... id=2294648 Buck Martinez as their manager. That's pretty much nuff said. They didn't take the BEST players, because they didn't want to get hurt before the season or anything like that. Still, it was a fun event, and an event shared by all of the baseball community, and I "semi" enjoyed it, since the USA didn't do too great, and lost to Canada :mrgreen: . I admit, we shoulda beat them with their roster, but Roger Clemens had a bad game, and well, it was an embarrassment. No offense, but stick to hockey. I don't mean to offend anybody. Frankly, not a lot of good players in Hockey come out of the USA. You get the few "Justin Morneau's", like Mike Modano, but the talent level isn't that of Canada. Mike
  10. Fadfdfd

    Free Tacos!

    I completely forgot! I was going to hit up like 5 Taco Bells in the area too. DARN! Oh, and Rob, Matty Heisman stinks. BC stinks. UConn is where it's at! "MATTY HEISMAN, TAKE A BOW!" I hate that BC announcer. He's so annoying. "TAKE A BOW!"
  11. Fadfdfd

    Free Tacos!

    I don't really go on here anymore Scott. And yes, I know about Jordin's Furniture. Good thing they had insurance. My cousin bought a couch from there during that time funny enough. That's a nice chunk of cash saved. GO SOX!
  12. SKA! I love ska! Bradley (MyPurpleCrayon) got me into it last January. I love it now. My favorite bands are Streetlight Manifesto, RBF, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, MU330, The Planet Smashers, amongst others. I haven't listened to much MMB lately, I've been into the leaked version of Streetlight's new album. AMAZING if you were wondering. The songs I'm into right now by RBF, well all of them, but mostly: She Has a Girlfriend Now, A Little Doubt Goes a Long Way, I Want Your Girlfriend to Be My Girlfriend Beer was my favorite song for a long time. Who doesn't love that song? Fadfdfd
  13. Fadfdfd

    Free Tacos!

    I was also stopping by for an "Hola" from all my good friends. *cough* :P Not to mention, free tacos.
  14. Fadfdfd

    Free Tacos!

    Fadfdfd back for another post. I was just curious to see if anybody posted about this, but since Jacoby Ellsbury stole a base (that wasn't even contested, go figure), Everyone in America gets a free taco from Taco Bell from 2-5PM on Tuesday. Let's get out there in those 3 hours and get even fatter! Fadfdfd PS: I also use this opportunity to say Go Sox and Go Pats. Hello everybody.
  15. Back for a post: All I have to say is that you people disgust me. R.I.P Chris Benoit? What the hell are you guys talking about? HE KILLED HIS FAMILY AND THEN COMMITTED SUICIDE. Why are you so sad he was dead? He deserves it..what an a*hole. Please don't tell me that you guys were gullible enough to actually believe that Vince McMahon just happened to have his limo get blown up. Anyway, just curious, why do they take steroids if it is fake? I don't get it..maybe to make them look stronger, so they get paid more or something? R.I.P - Mrs. Benoit / Little Benoit
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