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  1. My theory: Stone of Jas and Eye of Saradomin are the same thing... The saradominists zealots named the stone of jas "eye of saradomin" to modify the history saying that Sradomin was the "true" origin of the runes... If the stone of Jas has a saradomin symbol, is surely a carving of a saradomin's minion, or himself.
  2. Call me a noob or whatever you want, I just don't care... ... I love 1 iteming in F2P with protect items on... I just love to see how mentally delayed people get angry or mad at me just because I make them waste their food. Also, 1 iteming in lumby is a nice training when you keep attacking fellow 1 itemers. Also, in my case, when someone kills me near lumby, I respawn and attack that person again... and again.. and then again... Until he or she wasted all of his/her food on me or for the worst, they die (happened many times ^^). Edit: Wilderness... Examine that name... Wilderness means to be wild, it should be that way, free for all.
  3. LOL, My bad... Didn't watch the video until the end.
  4. "ZOMG!!! GOD HAXXX FIRESTORM RULZ!!!111 PWN" I don't care... It's called tactic, if you don't like god's firestorm, buy an umbrella.
  5. Both songs are covers of Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas... The second song "This is halloween" is being played by Marilyn Manson, but... Can you clarify wich band play the first song? (The oogie Boogie song)
  6. You just nailed it. Jagex already has to do many bugfix releases for the new quest, go with everyday life, do some other stuff, etc. Plus it's very advanced things. How do you know?
  7. I temporaly quitted runescape *sigh* (being serious).
  8. I care for no one, and no one cares for me, I'm the ultimate lurker because I never post but I read everything, and I cared about these forums, it's a joy that you continue and even you're keeping on the fight right now. Keep working so hard and you will get many htings in a near future, good luck Tip.it! HYT!
  9. I would preffer to be Dark/evil/black/crimson... It looks like another prayer cape :P Let's wait for a J-mod to do the emote and ruin joy of the first player on getting the cape to do the very first skill emote (just like they did with hunter). Ah yes, what program is that? Please tell me.
  10. I think is just one of the best songs of Runescape... However, do we really need a whole topic to discuss a .midi file?
  11. This is one of the few post that I highly agree with Qeltar because these reasons: 1.- JaGex didn't do what they told us, their communist minds didn't allowed the players to effectively create reasonable prices based on suply and demand theory. 2.- You pathetic fools who agree with the implementation of a communist state in Runescape are ruining the game by keeping your mouth closed and accepting everything the Big Brother gives you. The people that say that others shouldn't get fortunes from new iteams are completely wrong while, they are the selfish. Why? I will take myself as an example: I like questing, so when the Wyrewatch quest came out I was one of the firsts in making the quest, I used this advantage to sell Wyrewacth sets in aprice range from 100k to 250k and I did make a little fortune that day. Now some of you might think that is just a barbaric rip off and I will agree, but you're forgotting that without me you can't have those sets, as many of you might be unavaible to get them because don't have the required skills or quests to get into the wyrewatch place and buy those clothes. As I am one of the few suplers, I can put the prices I want, you can decide either buying from me or from other supler. Finally when you have or someone else buy this, will valorize the object, agreeing to buy from me or saying that my prices are way too high for what I sell, then, other suplers will give lower offers until they can't go more low and the price is good for buyer and seller. You might thing it's not fair because you don't have the skills/quests, but that's our reward for skilling and questing, thus, doing the steps to getting by ourselves the product.
  12. According to the Tip.it's max fight and combat calcs: If you create make a pure with 99 strength, 10 hp, 1 def, 1 attack, 1 prayer, 1 magic and 1 ranged, you will have a combat level of 35 . Also, if you equip an ammy of fury, a berseker ring, climbing boots and ye olde obsidian maul and your attack style is agressive... You have a max hit of 35!
  13. It's illegal asking for one... ...But you can even marry there if you want.
  14. Great edition! I liked the jokes but didn't find the comic that funny. Important points touched this version. Just a couple of questions: If you're hiring people, do I need to be a "ÃÆÃâÃâüber1337-pro master" at photoshop to be in the graphics team? Also, what do I need to be cartoonist?
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