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  1. RWT wasn't as much a threat to runescape as it was a threat to jagex. Merchant clans are not causing lawsuits
  2. I want to see time played. I've been [bleep]ing for a /played option since i got into WoW.
  3. Nah, i'm gonna break into it slowly. I havent been out pking in mage gear for over two years now. Ill just edge until i find a team to hybrid with.
  4. ITT: Everyone notices I'm back and ill be updating my gallery soon enough
  5. ITT: Everyone ignores the moderators and gets the topic closed.
  6. I already know this topic is going to be closed, but ill share what has already been shared. The community of rs is rather young, and gay, lesbian, and homosexual would be used as insults rather than descriptive terms majority of the time. Thus to avoid the situation all together, JaGeX censored the words to prevent abuse.
  7. Nah, it existed, but it was never popular. When it comes down to it, most people want to win and PKing with honor leaves you at a serious disadvantage. I used to dabble in it, i died a few times from it, and i got a few kills from it. Pking with no honor just ups your chances for the kill.
  8. In an economy without partyhats, you would be right. The only reason for GS starting out so high was the fact that the more abundant party hats were roughly in that area. So to the lucky people who got hilts (i'm one of them) they got more money than they should have gotten. Granted the first few hours/days/weeks it came out it would be inflated, but it would drop faster than the GE would allow. My point is the items wouldn't start so damn high if it wasn't for party hats. They would be expensive, but not party hat expensive. Its a bad system and jagex has done nothing to fix it. It really is terrible for the game.
  9. 1. Partyhats, they inflated the hell out of everything. Everything is so expensive because it correlates to partyhats. Why do you think godswords were 100m+ when they came out? Because party hats were in that price range. Add in lootshare and now you have too much money flowing into an unstable economy. All that money lead to the inflation of the prices, but not just for party hats, but for everything. Regardless of people calling them worthless they obviously have a worth to certain people. If Jagex really wants to put and end to it they can either re-drop crackers every christmas or make them bound to the account they are on. 2. Not being able to make an unbalanced trade. Dear god this is annoying, RS is the ONLY multiplayer game I've played with this. Its a stupid idea and takes out a good bit of the MMO out of the game. High level friends who want to give good weapons to lower leveled friends can't do it. They did this for the sake of destroying the gold buying business, but there are other ways of dealing with it. All jagex has to do is watch what other companies like blizzard do. 3. The GE, while being a good idea, was executed terribly. Forcing prices on people ruins economies. Let players truly decide the prices and the economy will settle down, this being said without the presence of party hats. 4. PvP. I used to be an avid pker. I loved going out and being in a ventrillo with 2 or 3 friends and downing people in east dragons, or getting another person or two and head over to Mage Bank and down a few people and run from the clans with a dozen people. It was the essence of risk vs reward, you risked everything on you, and if you won, you got everything on them, aside from their most valuable, which you could handle with smite. These days are long gone, lost in the days to rid RS of gold sellers. There were better ways of handling the situation, but they chose to up and remove pking, into what it is today. 5. End game/High level content. I quit RS two years ago for WoW. When i quit i was sitting on 150m Cash, all the barrows items, the DK set, a Sara Godsword, and 88 summon supplies. I quit because of there being nothing to do. Sure, I *could* have gotten 88 summoning, but for what? I could kill the same boss i was farming for a few more hours. Thats not endgame, thats boring. I havent tried anything past godwars, but from what i read that new boss with 2k+ hp is a step in the right direction. Make bosses that REQUIRE 5 people, not just to get in, but 5 people to do something active, rather than just mow down the boss from safespots. I'm not even sure RS is capable of this without tanking/healing skills, but its loads more fun than what we have now. 6. I'm adding a 6th because of one problem i've had for years. Jagex is all for people having more than one account, but they cannot interact. I don't understand the need for this rule. It could be so people don't get an unfair advantage against people their level, but there is so little to gain from having tons of money and items at a low level with the restrictions RS has through skills (which is a good thing). When i want to make another account, and pay money for it, I want to at least have the right to have my two accounts interact. I want to be able to give it some money to get its cooking up to do a quest again, but i can't for the sake of what? Could someone give me a reason for this? All of this being said, PKing should never have an impact on the economy unless it directly involves them by having new weapons/armor/food. PK loot should not be random.
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