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  1. Grats! Keep up the good work! In a few weeks, I shall be joining you in getting 91+ runecrafting. Hopefully 99, but we'll see. :lol: Keep it up.
  2. I got my RS name a few years back when I was at school in an English lesson. We were reading a story, and this kid started to read in a Scottish accent for some reason. After that, everyone started to say it. Someone said something naughty and then people evolved it from there and that's where "Bum Fluff in Scottish" came about. :XD: (Sorry if this is of any offense to Scottish people. Love you. x)
  3. In my opinion, these songs are good for PKing: Funeral For A Friend - Damage Inc (Metallica Cover) Slipknot - Wait & Bleed Incubus - Nice To Know You From First To Last - World War Me Enjoy.
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