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  1. All i know is, Pking is coming back, but wont be the same as it was in the good old days...
  2. Waste of my time, I wish I could de-tach myself from games and buckle down to train....
  3. For me I am level 80(str) and str pots increase my strength by 11, for lower levels it could be 8-10
  4. I heard somewhere that Rune pures won't matter because of the new pvp update. Is this true? If so can someone explain why? And Im also having problems with my char, its hard beating tanks my lv. My stats, and please some suggestions on how to improve. My goal is to have high str but low lv.. 60 att 76 str 48 def 40 pray 46 range 58 mage
  5. Thanks for the advice...and btw, I haven't been here long enough to notice the changes.....
  6. Im cmbt lv 70 with 51 att 45 def 69 str Im trying to get str at about 80 and my question is, should I raise attack as well? Or is it good where its at?
  7. I thought I was the only one experiencing this problem. I was considering using different websites to do my runescaping in. But as expected, the website staff comes through in the clutch and delivers for their team :)
  8. why is it rapidly decreasing?
  9. Do they go away after a while or are they permanent?
  10. Im combat 61, with a range of 40, what is a good place to train ranging?
  11. How do i get the fresh crawlers to auto attack me again? beforethey were always attacking me but they now stopped. and i am lv 59, they are 35, dont they attack players in the range of thier level doubled?
  12. how do i open a full rune set bought from the grand exhange?
  13. Also, if i used the ship to go to crandor, and ran away, how do i get back to crandor? Do i just use the other entrance?
  14. is it possible to fight the dragon with magic? and at lv 42? :P
  15. Can you please take the time to run your post through a spell checker before I stab you with a Sausage! You need to realize that everyone that plays runescape isnt from america.
  16. Ignore list rules, it looks like they arent talking at all, and the person insulting you will look like an idiot for talking to no none :D
  17. Man I wish I bought 20k yews and held on to them until they grew in price, I woulda made it big..
  18. Well you should train on monsters that you have great dominace over. You shouldnt train on monsters clearly stronger than you, it will be hard to get any kind of hit off of them. I say train on minotaurs in the security of stronghold. Its really easy since no one ever trains on them, they have a decent amount of hp, and they are in great numbers. If you are only for xp and not money, stay with the minotaurs. It shouldnt take as long as a week to get from 50-60 att if you fight non-stop
  19. im currently merchanting lobs but i end up selling thousands. Is there another Item I can merchant thats in high demand and a little more expensive?
  20. I examine new things, I want to see what funny stuff Jagex puts down.
  21. Yeah the banks a real advantage now a days. So's the lumby teleport, people will be saving thousands on laws.
  22. Rofl I thought you were insulting him :lol: I dont have any trouble fighting pure mages or pure rangers, because Im a rune pure, pretty much the best kind of pure in pking IMO. I may have low def but I can always leave my opponent eating for his life, unless he/she safes :P Now you wont see any mages when you edge pk, because mages are terrible by themselves, no matter how high their mage level is. Rangers are good pures though, they can have high range, high str, medium att, low def, and still be a low enough level to defeat others.
  23. Full camo!! I show it off every chance I get :)
  24. It was me, I dropped 10k, are you the person who was in that cage? Because I didnt see anyone else around when I dropped it.
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