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  1. To add onto your point bluelancer like most issues in the usa money and corrupt capitalism is involved. Pharmaceuticals, cotton growers, and many other industries are threatened by the the complete legalization of cannibus. But back to the main point racism and political gain are the original instigators of anti-marijuana propaganda in America. Today corporations that generate billions for the US economy would be devastated by the complete legalization of marijuana. The governments motive for keeping the stuff illegal is taxation, marijuana is one of the worlds most adaptable plants so anyone would be able to grow it. Politicians just care about votes, money, and other bull cabbage
  2. I read the first page of post mostly all the way through skim through a few more pages of posts and re-read if somethings been quoted. If a topics unusually long I'll skip through the middle.
  3. I could see alot of advantages to it if states were given more freedom in forming laws. One being a better sense of globalization, and more radical and effective changes in laws as well as renewal in voter interest.
  4. Weird :-k . I've accidentally stabbed the end of a pencil into my hand (in 6th grade), and it didn't hurt at all. No, I'm not being reterd macho here. It didn't hurt one bit. I mean, I literally lifted my hand up, faced the palm to the ground, and the pencil wouldn't come out (until I pulled it, and even then it didn't hurt). It was like there were no pain receptors in my palm, which is weird considering how many sensory neurons are in our hands >_>. That happened to me too, except I stabbed myself because I was trying to stab through one of those huge erasers you stick at the top of your pencils, and I pushed really hard and it went straight through into my hand, I was in 5th grade I think. I was like "wtf..." and got a tissue to put on the blood, went up to the teacher and was like "I just stabbed myself... Can I have a pass to the nurse"? :lol: Woah I did the same exact thing and I have that little graphite thing in my hand still too, except I was too embarrassed to tell anyone cause I was trying to poke it through an eraser. Anyway the last time I cried was at the funeral of this girl that was in my grade a couple of years ago. Other than that i cry when I play guitar hero cause i dont blink
  5. The Reign of the mighty dollar is at an end. I've heard it has alot to do with housing and mortgage issues. It's a big deal in California and the housing industry is what has been a major job source since the war started.
  6. rune0nite


    I've got some mixed impressions about cops but you really can't judge them as a whole. I've been in the same situation but an hour late and high but they just pulled over asked a few questions and left. Recently I broke my arm drunk and lucky didn't get any charges pressed for underage drinking so I guess cops are alright sometimes. Although they deffently abuse there powers I had a friend get arrested with weed on him for tresspassing and his money and weed "disappeared" and was never put in the report.
  7. Economic Left/Right: -4.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.51 Nelson Mandelaish Not really a capitalist or a commy
  8. I would stick with an ipod I bought a zune last april and it already has problems freezing/headphones not working and there considerably bigger and less reliable in my expirence compared to ipods
  9. I had something similar happen too me there but I didn't want to get involved with it did they try and convert you?
  10. It's nice to see Jagex making the game more of a challenge than catering to people that want everything their way.
  11. I'm not talking about semi rare drops only the really rare items apply. I don't think its by chance because the market for these items grows after around of week when the income of the items drops off. And by later I mean a week or so not later that day.
  12. I've noticed that as Jagex releases these new ultra-rare drops; third age, dragonfire sheild, and god wars items that there prices are actually cheaper around the first couple of days. Recently the god sword hilts were being sold for an average of 20mil (from zybez market guide) and now are averaging 40mil with Armadly(sp) at 80mil. The market for third age reacted similarly rising after the market could stabilize. It's probably due to merchants trying to buy into the newly created niche and the fact that drop rates haven't been figured out quite yet. Another reason is the amount of these new items coming in slows down as the initial popularity of doing clues or fighting in the god wars dungeon wears off. So it might turn out to be profitable to buy early on with these kind of items. Any thoughts?
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