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  1. To sexy for Tif.

    1. jimmy_jim


      That was a short second coming. Welcome back to the much better side :D

  2. How come you don't paint me like one of your French girls anymore?

  3. You are a lovely human being.

  4. I love the song in your sig!

  5. Why no Love?

  6. Whoaaaaa... bring out the big guns posting on the profile...

    I challenged myself to remember your old tif name and failed.... Just FYI: Kim>Lady

  7. Lets play the rocky music.

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Eh... Which Piece? "Eye of the Tiger"? =P

  8. Your a boss sir. Way more than AAron.

  9. How come you always come home so late smelling of liquor? :(

  10. Keep being awesome.

  11. Welcome to Tip.it Mod Baker011

  12. Welcome to Tip.it. :)

  13. You sir rock.

  14. Babies, now.

  15. You better.... trying to escape my iron fist.

  16. From Late August. :P

  17. I'M NOT IN A CAR

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