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  1. Don't forgot to change you facebook status to 'in relationship' @@@@
  2. I told you that you'd [bleep] the brains out of each other soon. :ohnoes: nah man I play runescape i dont even know what a boob looks like I can draw one if you like, seen them on tv.
  3. At 99 dating, you unlock the ability to get married, and at 120 you unlock the ability to secretly cheat on your wife with a bunch of hookers, ala Tiger Woods. Arnie and Tiger are among the few people who have achieved 120 dating. There are so many ppl with 99 dating srsly. 120 is pretty rare tbh.
  4. So you are dating like 6 girls at once? GJ!
  5. You're running low on internets. Buy more.
  6. :shades: There's a / b / in there. The other two letters are purely superficial. /obt/ minus /ot/ is /b/ the /ot/ stands for off-topic thus, /obt/ is an off-topic /b/ ????????????????????????????????????????? Thats good because I got like another 1000000000 pics!
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