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  1. Omg cheesy, you made rofl irl in the middle of my class.
  2. amg now you can say you met your girlfriend on teh webs
  3. Damn u fake wannabe [email protected]@ ps: This is what obt wants me to do when he does research.
  4. I have way to many epic pics so I post them here.
  5. 41 mins o_0. Tell me how please. What do you wear/inv?
  6. I am disappoint. I can't post pics on this thread.. edit: lets try again I spiced things up a bit..
  7. I have one friend who has botting for the last 6 months. He got 99 wc,fm,cook,fish and thiev.... GJ JAMFLEX
  8. I don't have a fire cape, and I always cancel that task lol
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