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  1. Dude! Omfg that is freakin awesome!!! I never thought anybody'd do that!
  2. I wonder what they'll party about... "Z0mg i g0t 6k gepee!!!11oneone1! br0nz3 dr0p p4rt33!!111 n0 n00bzs!!11"
  3. Add me! I'm a skiller but I'll be up to do minigames and the like. Also, if you have a f2p skiller, add mine: Lvl 3 Wyvern.
  4. Touche Like modern instruments...the normal drums and electric guitar :D I vote Banjo :-k ...and the occasional banjo Like a rock-banjo group ooo i know! We shall be called, Smokey and the Banjo, lets see who gets that joke. If you do, free cookie Lmao, that was clever. =D> (Smokey and the Bandit) I'd support, but what other benefits would it have? Maybe wardrums could be played in CWs to give teammates a boost.
  5. Fishing sharks at the guild with a bunch of level 3's that look exactly alike :boohoo:
  6. "Stay the hell away from Dark Wizards." and "Don't trust him with your password..." and I'd give myself 2M to spend on rares, what were they back in April 2005?
  7. That's my first thought after I looked at it, but Jagex copies a lot of stuff like exelebered and camolot, and romio and Juliet (my sp sucks) Yeah but legally they're allowd to, Shakespeare plays are over 50 years old, as is the legend of Camelot. Pirates of the Carribean is recent and they'd probably get sued. I'm not being negative of the suggestion, it's just not really possible they could do that. Davy Jones could look differnt I suppose and they could change the name of his ship. can't really change the name of the ship as davy jones is an actual pirate myth. but nice suggestion, maybe change some things around so it doesnt totally sound like pirates of the carrabean, but it could be a nice parody :) maybe have the same scenario, but have a pirate named... "captain ____ hawk"
  8. it could work but, again with the masses of pkers going around a killing skillers and trainers, this would make the game frustrating and not fun. but lets say you could attack them to some point, say down to 20 hp. or there would be a new "backhand" option that will cause some damage and stun them lol.
  9. i support. i only wish i could hunt squirrels in rl, my neighbor worships them in between the times when he sits on his roof for 12 hours in a speedo...
  10. training agility while farming irits at the troll stronghold roof. that troll better not let my herbs die or i'll break his arm with my arms....
  11. hmm, my networth... well if i were to sell everything in my bank at the highest possible price, i would be around to.... 6gp.
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