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  1. DI - die RSD - livinlarge SA - umm THE - black site BK - weird spelling JAGZ - a jaguar FEAR - the video game MORI - mori as in morrison? LF - wheres lithuania TITANS - tennessee titans? TDL - yah. TDS - who. TR - okay. LA - los angeles THOR - thorns GLADZ - pray BD - noob BOFT - wtf AS - add an s wtf rofl im mature EOS - mmk FBZ - fireballz DF - dragon force? TRWF - hey look, i know them! CORR - an old sig they had, it was hot EXCER - i always thought it was exer ANARCHY - chronic is cool cough DKU - goku or gohan or w/e edit: you guys all smell, thats not the first thing that comes t o ur mind. i quit with u all. noobos. jk i love u. <3 jk, i dont . i lie a lot.
  2. 1. Damage Inc - 130+ to a war, monsterous orginization, 95hp average 2. Gladiators - 150+ to a war, box of death, durable 3. Zeonic Force - 148 to a war, 90+ average hp, durable, another war soon --- From here on down, there is a fair power gap. I have no clue about TD though. 4. The Dynasty - tehy have a lot of rune, coming back to mini wars so much 5. The Blacknights - 115 to there last war, another one soon 6. The Runescape Warhungers Federation - 115 to there last war, durable, 86+ average hp --- From here on down, I believe there is a fair power gap. Although I could be wrong as I have been out of the clan world for quite an amount of time. 7. The Mystic Knights 8. The Clan 9. Clan Anarchy 10. Clan Jaguar And I won't judge communities, you only know them if you've had access to that clans forums. If you haven't, dont post them because you don't know them.
  3. well lets see. i was in gym class, playing a game i didntl ike. me and my mate werent scoring at all. then i broke my elbow teach said it was just a burst or something and would only need 3 days to recover i go to hospital, i find out its broken and id prolly get fixed up and outa there in no time then i find out i need surgery. i was scared half way to hell for 4 hours. i also couldnt eat so i was hungry as hell. so i watched a movie, there was nothing but disney movies or bad ones. so i watched a classic disney movie in aladin. it turns out to be in spanish. then everything was better and i went home and now my arm is recovring (Y)
  4. yeah, i pretty much gave up on shading background. you pixel dudes have a lot of patience lol. and the saradomin staff err.. yeah.. its supposed to be a fork-type spear thing. yeah thats it. thanks for ur comments, ill keep this in mind next time :)
  5. a lot of it u have to be in zf to understand. and if u only got 3 words, u kinda slow at reading :P i guess people in clans can understand it a bit more too. btw i used image ready :lol:
  6. first off, i know peopel will come in and say i stole some dude sprites. i forget his name. i did not. i used them for reference on things, but mad the sprites myself in photoshop. anyways, comments? :)
  7. okay, ill upload some of my bigger works :) here: uploading them currently
  8. all done in photoshop please note that these are not my final 5 entries, i will possibly be replacing them with time. im just posting these just incase something happens, such as i lose internet. id also like to show that i am supporting this idea. :) edit: should we also post other works and let you guys select the top 5? or just the 5 we feel is best?
  9. can u get the background of that transparent? and set a price, contact me ingame. same name :)
  10. <- greatest sig ever? anyways. i dont see how you can call it a draw if zf had 50 peopel remainin. :roll: and it wouldnt of been a problem about the switching thing if you had started off on the right server. -.- even if you decide its a draw, i still say zf wins. my opinion, you cant change it. (H)
  11. and avatar i guess. i don't like the font. and is it just me or is this a bit purpleish? :P edit: yeah i made it, i need some better fonts. site plz anyone? and some suggestion on a good font ? ;)
  12. oh poo, i didnt get the chance to call you guys "the sadiatorz" :( gj on the win. so almost 200 people there combined. :)
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