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  1. My friend got a mysterious box and decided to alch it, but instead it duped on him >_>, if he decided to alch it 100k times... yeah, thats how I thought of it. >_>
  2. Oh yeah.. completely forgot about that. >_
  3. Would you quit your Runescape account if you weren't paying attention and 100k mysterious boxes duped in your inventory? (Yes, they do stack) If you choose not to, what would you do to get rid of them?
  4. +1 + 2 +3 we haven't got anything to say we just want to get are post count higher! But i think the 2 hp's to 1 lvl would be nice : +4 :D +5 :lol: I guess they willbut if they do i hope the don't ruin PvP, at least it doesn't effect f2p : so +6 +7 No way Jagex will stop making better 1 handed weapons.
  5. Rimington.. I'm too lazy to move it. <_
  6. My first dragon drop was a draconic visage off my first steel dragon, if that doesn't count then it was a dragon med off a steel dragon. :)
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