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  1. I'd have mastered double corkscrews, box cutters, cheat 720's and hyperhooks. Frikkin stress fracture. Other than that I'm perfect enough.
  2. I remember you. You were such an obnoxious little [bleep] all the time.
  3. I'm 165 at 5'8", which is healthy. Aiming for 175 muscelwise, and around ten or ideally less than ten percent bodyfat. You guys are young, so your metabolism is absurdly fast. You shouldn't worry about weight at your age, but when you hit college be prepared to change that. Slowed metabolism combined with abundant bad food and a lack of varsity athletics creates the Freshman 15. Hell, mine was a freshman 20, though I was putting on mostly muscle there.
  4. Ha, I'm not that old yet, don't use that evil word with me
  5. If you have a serious clinical speech impediment, people will probably notice. If you talk through it though it's not really an issue; people are generally very understanding/don't think much of it as an problem. Just don't stop talking because of your stutter, that's letting it get the better of you and people will notice that even more than the stutter itself..
  6. Meh felt like putting up a new pic, love this place
  7. My family owns four cars. All of them are Japanese. My dad was a MechE. I'm a MechE. Americans make crap cars. By German and Japanese if you want a good one. Or you could take jobs from foreign companies that are actually good at making cars and give them to the [cabbage] companies back home.
  8. Do you believe in the legitimacy of patents?
  9. See, this is why I can't believe you. You got your American Pride so far up your ass, I'm surprised you haven't left these slightly-leftist forums. No, he's right. Americans are a far more conservative people than the populations of other developed nations. For once the ultra-far left gained control of the Democratic party, and as soon as that happened they got massacred in the Congressional elections. Americans as a whole believe in self-sufficiency and capitalism, not welfare nets and redistribution of wealth. It's why nations like Singapore and Hong Kong do so well and have such higher standards of living; the chance to make it big, "greed," fuels a strong economy. This is not to say that the USA doesn't have it's fair share of left-sided politics. Wealth is fairly concentrated in the top 20% of society (i.e., the only part of the population that innovates, takes risks or creates), so the less wealthy section of the populations often is very much for wealth redistribution.
  10. You do know that nearly the entirety of American news media is left wing right? The only right-wing media I can think of is Fox and the only true impartial one is the WSJ. Literally everything else is left. Mhm. So where's the party/parties to match? ? Okay, barring the fact that the two-party system is extremely hard to dismantle, I don't think you got my point. Left-wing politics are not underrepresented- if you look at our last congressional elections you'll see that's definitely not true (and hey, the funs really going to start in the next one when even more seats are up for grabs). Left-wing opinion is overrepresented in the media. Are you European? I know that America is more right than Europe (ha, a pun), so it may seem like Americas left isn't as visible.
  11. You do know that nearly the entirety of American news media is left wing right? The only right-wing media I can think of is Fox and the only true impartial one is the WSJ. Literally everything else is left.
  12. Rebdragon


    Private sector jobs as a whole in the United States. And let me get get this straight, I really don't feel like taking more time out of my day to look up documents for you. I read both the half-cuts fact and that article in the WSJ. If you believe me and you trust the WSJ's credibility, then hey, you learned something. If you dont, go research the comparisons for yourself. I'm not doing it for you.
  13. Grades matter for colleges (especially class rank for grade inflated schools), but don't sacrifice your high school years for a number. It's hard, but really try to have a good social life and good grades at the same time. It's a hard balance and generally most people make sacrifices towards one or the other (most towards the academic side), but, well, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. If you're smart high schools usually pretty easy anyways; I didn't study much at all for a lot of tests and they were generally pretty easy A's.
  14. Rebdragon


    Or you could just not be a [bleep] and say "source?". No, actually, be a [bleep]. That way I would actually have found a way for caring less than zero about someone's opinion, a phenomenon I once thought impossible. I checked through the wsj.com database and couldn't find the article that stated that (I read it a week ago in the Wallstreet Journal). It was an article analyzing the benefits received by Wisconsin Union workers, their toll on the taxpayers, and how they compared to private sector benefits. If anyone else reads the WSJ, it was in there about a week ago, so if you know what I'm talking about help me out with the link please. Edit: Found it: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703408604576164290717724956.html I'm sorry, I meant that public sector employees receive triple what private sector employees do in benefits for every dollar that they receive in salary. And ya that $100,005 figure for teacher salaries is in their too.
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