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  1. Thanks for the fight Final KO, was good. :thumbsup:
  2. Thanks for the fight Lethality, you won the last one, nice to get even :smile: best of 3?
  3. Good fight PH, was fun thanks.
  4. That was a lot of fun, thanks for the fight TR. :thumbsup:
  5. Nice guide and event, I didn't require the Ice amulet to talk to the imp though.
  6. I probably would if it gave something additional like that, or a badge or something. I'm shallow, vain and easily bought when someone waves something shiny and new at me.
  7. Seen him all over the place lots, from Castle wars right over to port phasmatas. Nothing new about him been on white wolf mountain sorry to say :|
  8. Not a very good fake. Look at any picture that has a mod talking in the text box, the crown always lines up exactly with the name, its been pasted over badly here and isn't in line. Its too high. FAKE! :D
  9. Well since the option is there to use your bankpin or not, your choice. What would be the point in removing it from the game? Dont like it? Dont use it.
  10. Hmm, nicely done. Looking forward to the vid. :boohoo:
  11. I think thats my oldest item too, didnt want to get rid of it for fear of getting pked using it early on. Once I got the levels to venture that far into the wild I couldn't be bothered to actually get the stuff from the chest.
  12. OOoo nicely found, great now its like a flippen Devinci code trying to figure it out :( So I guess we got 2 more Dev diarys before release then? It doesn't look very RS though, wrong kinda style, so maybe something like that?
  13. Plenty of teles, Toadflax, fishing rod, bait, Dyes (Orange, purple, blue, yellow) empty vials and water filled vials, light source, goblin armour, pestle & mortar. Think thats about it. 1 molten glass and 2 laws You dont need those, only if you want another orb, I chose to teleport over to Ardy instead as its not a long walk rather than trying to make some molten glass. Nice mini game after, was wondering why it ended so unfinished seeming :D Now it makes a bit more sense.
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