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  1. Great answer, thanks gago! What about other equipment? Like is fury, barrow gloves, and zerker ring still ideal? Ranger boots and archer ring for ranged?
  2. Hi tipiters, I quit mid 2011 but I'm back to give EOC a whirl. I have no idea what is good now, although slowly learning... What is the best gear nowadays for each combat type? Or in other words, what would be the list of ideal items that an efficient player should have? Also, what's the fastest way to 99 ranged? Is chinning still a thing? Thanks!
  3. What kind of recovery options do you have on your email accounts? If you use recovery questions such as "mother's birthplace?" a determined hijacker can search the internet for the correct answer (or simply guess). You will need to take a look at your email accounts and perhaps change some of the recovery options.
  4. Our family desktop is an acer and the speakers make this clicking noise aswell. It seems to be happening when the modem has wireless turned on. Moving the speakers about or rotating them seems to affect the volume of the clicking sound also.
  5. Nice avatar :o

  6. Dwarf.


    There are many guides out there but I think the main difference is that flipping is buying items low and selling high, multiple times a day. Merchanting is more about buying an item and keeping it while it rises in price then selling for a higher price. This is probably slightly off but it's my interpretation anyway :) As for the methods, try a guide such as this one: http://forums.zybez.net/topic/1491445-flipping-with-free-trade-guide-to-millions/
  7. First thing I did was buy full blue d'hide, magic short bow, those yellow boots, amulet of glory, an eye patch and a team cape (they were still P2P at this stage). I will never forget this outfit :shades: First members skill I trained was fletching because I had chopped a bunch of logs in preparation, just before getting P2P.
  8. Took me 4 - 5 hours for the full set. Then it took another 4 - 5 hours to gild my dragon pickaxe. I then wanted to gild a bronze pickaxe and I got that done not long after the dragon pickaxe: My gilded bronze pickaxe :wub:
  9. Final design complete: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/User:-Dad Will most likely use this one.
  10. I have removed design #1 and added a new design. This third design brings about several features that I deem necessary: - Chapel facing south so that when I train prayer I can have my screen fixed in a south-facing position, as I need to face south when teleporting to Edgeville so I can access the bank quickly. The glory will be visible on the south wall of the quest hall. - Portals are now adjacent to the entrance. - Bedrooms and parlour are now upstairs and out of the way. - Costume room is in the dungeon so those wishing to browse it have to trek through the dungeon. Thoughts on this new design? Edit: Added a remake of #2 which I have named #2.5! Probably my most favourite design right now (it makes a heart shape though which wasn't intended xD)
  11. I whipped up another deisgn. This time the ground floor is symmetrical but I still have the portal chambers coming off quest hall. I don't mind having the portals that far away, it's still very close anyway. I really like this redesign of the dungeon. The pvp area is kept nice and neat in the corner while there is now a semi-decent path to get to/from the treasure rooms. What are your opinions on this new design?
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