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  1. He's on a budget, so I wouldn't suggest cow hides.
  2. Bronze/Iron knives on zombies, they have low def and bronze/iron knives are super cheap.
  3. I would imagine it wouldn't take very much at all to play runescape. People play it at school and at libraries al lthe time. by the way Min specs are 64MB Ram, 300Mhz cpu.
  4. Agreed, DMeds are ugly and not worth the money.
  5. As far as I've seen, its all the same no matter the population.
  6. It's used with Saradomin brews, which can be 4 doses and heal 16-17 at a time. The downside is they reduce your stats somewhat like I Dragon Baxe I think, so if you are using Saradomin brews AND praying(going for fire cape) using Saradomin brews in conjuction with Super restores are your best bet.
  7. Check official RS forums for people looking for nat runners.
  8. They say if the monster drops gems and half keys, they drop left halves.
  9. I like the daggers :P, good luck with your goals.
  10. What I think is, they're so common they're rare. Meaning people get so much of them, they get sick of it and just trash them somehow.
  11. Hes implying that the new quest might have some sort of new outfit.
  12. :-s Accidental Zezima sightings aren't all that great actually. They're pretty bad. I was cooking in burthorpe and around 500 noobs popped up out of the woodwork. I had no idea what was going on. Then i realized he was there. Then I switched worlds out of lag. (Lag was a reason, and 500 people saying 'Pmg zezima' kinda sickens you after a while. Pub Chat went off.) Imagine how he feels about it..
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