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  1. Was 2 year since I played... logged in on f2p and wanted to see p2p again... Lots of bots now..
  2. Been a while, but I think Construction was released on a wednessday
  3. Wanted that ever since I became members years ago. :thumbsup:
  4. Just got this of a drop party, its my 1st drop ever lol.
  5. What u guys think will happen to the santas? Any chance they will be back at the price they are now within a month after the xp weekend?
  6. Gz on 99 wc! i got it my self not to long ago. Some lvl I got:
  7. Ahhhh Prayer & Summoning here I come! Edit: nvm the Prayer since poh doesnt work ^^
  8. 1st D boots drop :D And like 5 kills later my 2nd D boots ^^
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