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  1. Bank: And my Stats: Please rate /10 and any advice skill/bankwise is welcome :thumbsup:
  2. Black sally is pretty much slayer dart, except cheaper. so if you're looking to save money the sally's worth it. if you're looking to stay longer than two runs i'd buy some barrows armor and kill dharok, verac, ahrim, and karil with pray, and then guthan and torag without. you should burn 1-2 prayer pots doing this. i just recently did the new quests, and got my con up to 50 for the canifis tele and altar in my house, and the time spent getting those is definately worth it. as for a setup, i'd go with slayer dart, sally if you end up getting the levels, barrows top & bottom, neitiznot helm, whip / drag scimmy wep, glory / fury amulet, any cape, dragon boots, obsidian shield for the defense bonus and you should be more than fine.
  3. 1. the sara sword has the same exact stats as the whip, the defender's bonus is extra. so training anything other than strength with the sara sword would be pointless. as for str training, it is definately better than a dragon scim.
  4. The only thing I'm worried about is the panic sellers making everything drop... even if it has nothing to do with PVP. ZGS won't sell at all now, but nobody pk's with that... Bandos armour as well. Hopefully this doesn't last too long. :-#
  5. Found my first car in a Marsh parking lot :thumbsup: It's a '97 Lexus ES 300 with about 230k miles on it and still running strong. :shock:
  6. I'm not too sure the not getting two same slayer tasks in a row thing worked out... I just got two fire giant tasks back to back without skipping anything. :thumbdown:
  7. Does it stack with the black mask or would you just get the 20% bonus from the necklace with no effect from the mask, and the same with prayer, and both prayer and mask. f.e. necklace (20% boost) + mask (15% boost) stacked would make it a 35% strength and attack boost.
  8. Very distracting if you're trying to do anything with some risk.
  9. I played a long time before jagex put links in miniclip. I quit and forgot about rs for months and one day I looked on miniclip and remembered rs. Miniclip didn't just ruin rs, it brought mature players in as well, but alot more unmature too ~sorry if that doesn't make sence, typing on my psp #-o
  10. Never thoughy of doing that... good idea though
  11. I've had 1.4k iron arrows and 356 chaos.
  12. All full except for that emote one... which will be hopefully someday soon
  13. Does this still work or did JaGex fix it?
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