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  1. sorry i couldn't make it :( major grats though, thats awesome.
  2. awesome goal, not many going for 99 smithing lately that ive heard of. good luck, and dont get too bored hehe. how much have u spent on it so far? jw
  3. i dont understand why people are flaming because that is a very helpful on killing Jad. Yeah, the first attack could possibly be mage but dealing with the healers is a lot easier in this case than it is in the italy rock because the healers seem controlled here. thanks for the tip
  4. awesome job, looking forward to the guide i give u props on making that much cash in that little time
  5. pretty much the same goal as me man...i suggest using super energies...thats what im doin
  6. I've never actually heard it in a video but i think it would be amazing Tool: Vicarious
  7. very good guide that's defenitly something I'll try have the rune ore demands gone up at all lately either? haven't mined since f2p
  8. that sux man good luck with getting back up there and awesome job with lvls in f2p. im goin for one too
  9. hey mate u used to hang out wit subvergenoc and statgod2 a while ago before statgod got hacked/quit :( anyways gl with ur goals mate, i wish i was still pure f2p awesome stats as well, and sorry i didn't see it but what happened to ur hat? didnt u have a red or white or suttin? I remember u and sub and statgod lined up wit ur phats when sub was f2p for a bit
  10. grats mate :D sry i haven't been on the last few days so i couldn't go lol 20m cook xp on f2p=insane talk to u in game
  11. my friend statgod2 showed me an inven pic of u like a yr ago wit a bunch of rares....bank didn't suprise me much because of that but it is insane grats on 99 hunter 2 whats next?
  12. its possible to make money pure f2p when i became member last month I left with 17m in cash and 3 masks, and I merchanted very little just gotta rely on skills
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