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  1. punched cows, tried to light houses on fire, and sold iron daggers to lumby general store
  2. yeh mauls are definately a good finsihing weapon for 50 attack pures. if youve got 60+ attack i would just say use dds though
  3. mmm earliest memories.. ummmm buying my first addy battle axe when it was like.. the best.. also punching cows because i thought it was funny.. and buying my first r2h for 625k..
  4. xxxpkuxxx -60 attack defense and 77 str long time no log? :P pkuxxxmage- 52 defnse 77 mage :thumbsup:
  5. wow this brings back so many memories. i started playing like 2 days before the dark prayer/prayerevil went away. addy was the best armour back then :lol:
  6. when i was level 66 on meh pure i got 27 with ice burst standing outside sara portal. no pics though :?
  7. lol people say prayer noob because they want a fair fight.. if someone is praying 1 vs 1 that doesnt mean they have "skill" that means they arent good enough to beat the other person without some serious help.. if you are getting pjed or teamed by like a bunch of people prayer is fine. but most people are just 1 vs 1 when they are fighting someone with prayer
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