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  1. Them bowstrings better be made out of gold...

  2. is lurking.

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Then this one shall stalk you! >=P



      (Just kidding! This one wouldn't do that.)

  3. Oh hai :D How are things with you??? Did you end up relocating? It's been FAR TOO LONG!!! <3

  4. Your display picture ;)

  5. Your dp, Made me LOL.

  6. Rarely, lol.

    ARGH! Uni, I gotta do a critical analysis on some readings, but none of them are even remotely interesting, or I get too opinionated on and lose focus!!

    Sucks really, I'm not even sure why I logged on, but I love catching up with everyone. :D

  7. I see what you did there.

    P.S: I miss you. xo

  8. Yes!! She lives!! ahahahah how's everything babe? xo

  9. * tackles* I miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!xoxox

  10. Noes!! I still has a trace...just RL....Bleh!! How are you??

  11. G'day Laila!! <3

  12. I miss you too! I'm sorry, very good reason this time, I've been in and out of hospital, but I'm somewhat okay now, got another appointment today. Bleh. It's cold, my finger tips are freezing trying to type.

    How does it get this cold in Brisbane????

  13. Oh i do beg to differ!

  14. has lost 400 off her post count? Well, better post more!

  15. Damn, I need to work on my stalkeresque.

    You wait, I'll strike when you least expect it.


  16. *Huggles Sentry_Wolf*

    Nothing like a bit of loving on someone else's wall.

    Innocent....yeah....Um. Is that a flash light?

    On another note. Hope all is well with your classes! I bought a pack of skittles and immediately thought of eating them in front of all of you.


  17. Ahh! My first day off work in god knows how long. Hmm, I've got a couple of ideas most involve just chilling with friends, one was to travel down to Brunswick Heads for a few hours on the beach and get a tan. Sporting an aussie bikini ofcourse.

    How about you? <3

  18. I'm getting to sending the email, I'm just trying to have some exciting news to top my last one. (Not getting very far you see)

    I miss you :(

  19. I'm just wondering if I can have the pink paper back with my soul on it? I need it for the weekend.


    EVER. <3

  21. Watch out for that Tripsis, she has a habit of stealing your skittles. :P

  22. /me pokes Tripsis XD

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