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  1. Would it be too harsh to say that people annoy me? :rolleyes:
  2. I agree with DeEliteOne, better to figure out sooner than later when you take into account all the new stat's you'll be required to level in order to do the quests. You should also consider the audience for it, people may not be interested in the older quests commentary as much as the newer ones.
  3. Them bowstrings better be made out of gold...

  4. Shazarabbit

    Count Up

    144... Ironically that is also the amount of cents left in my bank account right now.
  5. I'm always around! :) But thank you, thank you. I know it must be hard without this face around :P You're banned for telling the world about my monster army! (Which by the way now encompass the speed of Sonic)
  6. Yeah, you're right. Luckily I have my own wage to cover costs if I were to go the full 12 months. :) It's still well on par with most games on this side of the globe.
  7. Shazarabbit

    No "e"

    I didn't know yahoo was a still a thing. :D
  8. Banned because you shall not pass - no matter how many Sporks you have in your army.
  9. That's crazy. I've left mine for a few days and they are still fine to pick. I don't use any compost at all.
  10. I just logged in last night at a friends insistence. In all honesty, I have fond memories of my time during oldschool RS and the warm fuzzy feeling I got completing tutorial island and knowing that I can now perhaps return to the clan world in the future - the way it used to be makes me happy. I'll be giving it a go for a few weeks, I find RS3 too simplified and I lose interest.
  11. Shazarabbit


    I disagree, I never found tutorial island that long or hard to complete. Honestly, that was why they revamped it because at the time everyone was kicking up a fuss over the autoing that was going on. Maybe I'm semi-old school, I'm just mad at how simplified everything is appearing and the million notifications I get now. Location? Really? You can get the exact same learning experience from either, its a minor factor and shouldn't affect anything.
  12. Dearest I'm Sorry - Picture Me Broken <3
  13. I don't know how it is for males being as I am female, I've never had abs, but my trainer has told me numerous times that to get them is not just a matter of doing the right excercises its also got to do with what you eat. Best to start with your diet and then when thats under control start doing ab targeted excercises. But like I did, I'm not a guy so..
  14. Got the system the day it came out and Ghosts as well, aside from the control I haven't seen much difference. Although finding the eject button hungover did prove a problem. Haha.
  15. Candian Club - preferably on tap but straight from the bottle will do.
  16. They do, but then you get the problem of people like me, I'm almost level 80 (I don't play that much) from dungeons and questing and in all honesty, I don't know anything a seasoned player would know. One of the reasons I try to avoid any group things outside of the dungeon queue, its gotta be frustrating, I also do not know half of the jargon that gets thrown around. :P
  17. is lurking.

    1. D. V. Devnull

      D. V. Devnull

      Then this one shall stalk you! >=P



      (Just kidding! This one wouldn't do that.)

  18. I wish I had that problem, seriously, I have to work my behind off just to shed a few kilos! I think you should focus on how much input you need to combat what you are doing. If you aren't taking enough in to satisfy what you need and then some, you will probably keep losing it.
  19. Oh hai :D How are things with you??? Did you end up relocating? It's been FAR TOO LONG!!! <3

  20. Your display picture ;)

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