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  1. nik

    Shower or bath?

    I havent had a bath since I was little. Shower everyday though, feels wonderful.
  2. I am very confident with everything I do, and I generally like to be the best at the things I do. (Or apathetic) I like talking to people very much and being friendly, I am a people person. I am totally about making myself into a better person overall, The body the mind etc etc.. Yoga crap. I also am totally about enjoying life.
  3. nik

    The Birth of Tip.It

    There are a large number of people who used to post on scapeboard, and didnt even sign up on forum.tip.it Also a number of people registered under differnt names. I remember when scapeboard went down because of dk3, they where a free forum service. We where their main form of income, they had a large number of ads and often where down or laggy. Finally when we were sick of it we asked for the database and they would not give us it, or offered to sell it. They also took our old domain, scapeboard.com and put it on the market to be bought for $500. After a little bit of timethe forum got started up again and many people rushed to join back again, and thats how forum.tip.it came, I think it was/is hosted off of RaenonD (sp?) sever. Somewhat around this same time I remember the tip.it #runescape chat being flooded and attacked by a number of people (it might not have been at the same time) We resorted to closing the chat, although a number of us chatters where included in newp's secret channel, and eventually the chat got re-opened once again, I belive on another server (chat-addict) So there is how the modern forum came to be from scapeboard.
  4. My teacher told me about this, he said this guy was nuts, but brilliant. He had to wait until he hit the atmosphere before you could open his chute, or wouldnt work. He also told us a story about how the glove on one of his suits came off and the pressure in his hand was greater than the pressure outside of it, so his hand blew up like 3x the size it usally is. apparently this guy was awesome ;)
  5. To admit I didn't read the posts after the topic... I don't think school is a mesure of anything personally. I am a great student and I get very good grades, yet I still think that good grades mean nothing. The only thing that good grades will get you in this world is easier oppertunities to be able to apply what you know/who you are. Still, it takes alot more than good grades to go somewhere in this world. From a first hand experiance, I am in all the hardest classes, yet, I feel that the majority of people in my classes are simply morons. They do their work and work hard at their work, but that does not mean they are smart.
  6. Once you reach a certain speed you become different than more normal matter, this is the stuff that Einstien came up with, I belive there are different levels called Gamma levels, in which, the higher the gamma level, the weirder things get. I don't know about time travel related to that, but it seems that if you got closer to the speed of light, you may acually be traveling so fast, thus making the gamma level get higher, and somehow warping the space-time continum. Things get weird when you get closer and closer to the speed of light. I don't know for sure though, no one really does. I havn't heard about the people getting .2 seconds into the future, but I see how that is possible. Also take into consideration.. as the wikipedia article says... he was in orbit 748 days.. So that hardly is something that is realistic on an everyday basis. Also remember, its impossible to travel the speed of light (or so we know now) Einstien proved that :). something else I found interesting on that wikipedia Article What I was saying, apparently is somewhat true. \
  7. Ahh I knew it was one of those, I forgot your acually "phil" On here, Thats the plus with joining in the top 200ish :)
  8. I'll Add herr To my list, because he owns, even if hes a puncuation nazi :)
  9. Personally, I think it should be smaller. Perhaps size 1 font? At least give the guy a size 2 font; he's earned it. Kayla, feel free to put his name right below my soon to be size 30 name. ;) That way I could like...share in the awesomeness that is Astra? w00t! Yeah, you know, bask in my glow, ride my coat tails, cook my dinners, that sort of thing. Bask in my glory as Numba 1 herr.
  10. Just a question, why not make a website? That might be useful.
  11. Daan, What about me? :( :P As for me: I think Alot of people are awesome. Most of them I talk with via chat though.. Phil .. old name.. lord2000 I think... Mad of course.. Dusqi.. Think hes gone from here though. Daan, How2pk Mitch.. ape I've seen a better light of kayla than I knew before.. so shes up there. Many others :)
  12. I noticed some of the negativity in the forum and thought it would be awesome.. (har har) if we went on a positive note.. So.. Who do you think is AWESOME!?
  13. I just started at circuit city acually. I just got home from a 12 hour shift in which I shadowed product specialists (what I am going to be), so basically I spent all day talking about hdtv, seeing hdtv demos etc etc. There are two common standards of hdtv, 720p and 1080i, and there is 1080p, which is only in blueray dvd players, and the ps3. I can personally say, that after 11 hours of working (1 hour break) There is a huge differeance in hdtv and a normal optical cable line. If you want to go for the biggest and the best, you shoot for 1080p hdtv, which is incredable, just amazing truely. The problem with these things is.. they cost quite a bit of money. If you have a huge income and that isnt a problem, then I would say get it, get a 50 inch plasma 1080p hdtv, it is worth it if you have the money. If you are like me, and other people who do not have the income to support ridiculaus habits, then, maybe you want to reconsider. The tv itself is you know, anywhere from 1299$ to 3999$ depending on what you want. but that isnt the limit of the price, you also have to get a hdtv service, which is another 10 dollars a month, for a limited number of channels, you have to get the freaking CABLES which are ridicualus by themselves. For a HDMI cable you can pay 169$, and 125$ for a component video cable. and assuming you want the best quality from your hdtv box, and your dvdplayer you will want at least one of both. Also, if you want to use the 1080i to its maximum, you will have to get a ps3 or a blue ray dvdplayer, which is.. 800 for the dvd player, and god knows on ebay for the ps3. which again, you will need your cables. So for me, is it worth getting hdtv? No, I cannot afford that, but I am only 18, if you have a large income and are willing to put it into that sort of entertainment, then sure go for it, but everything adds up. Also, I do plan to get myself a nice sound system first, then a standard 23 inch-ish hdtv before I graduate this year, so yes, I am saving, but I also get a huge discount :)
  14. You do NOT want to know some of the strange things I've seen on the web.
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