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  1. Hmm, Do you have the scroll of efficiency (the herblore one) If so check ge prices, buy grimy herbs and clean them (if your looking for some exp .... try to go with a higher level one) and make unfinished pots and sell them. Cutting Mages is horrible money, yews would be faster but that is mainly a bot market. Cannonballs are horribly slow, both in exp and money wise. Farming Herbs is amazing for money, use grimy's spreadsheets in the aow for an idea on what to grow Honestly, if you can stand not skilling for a bit (skilling is a horrible way to make money anymore in this game with the sheer amount of bots) mort myre fungus is an excellent way to restock your supplies ... or recover from a hack. Also are you doing your dailies (bstaves, broad bolts/broad arrows, yada yada yada) that is a decent amount of money there. Lastly, I think last time looking at Grimy's spreadsheets that unfinished broad bolts to broad bolts was a profit .. and one you can do while training agility or something else. Other than that I will let the amazing people here help you as I have been out of the game for a while now.
  2. Don't mean to steal the thread but how do you train agilility while fletching broad bolts? Does it not interupt the agility obstacles?
  3. Prayer is very important to, both for longevity and for piety. I would recommend before slaying anymore to work on some quests. The exp rewards and requirements for the quests will leave you character with more balanced levels and access to many different things. Farming would be a good money maker and can also supply you with herbs to level your herblore.
  4. Hey, mages were quite dangerous then :D Meleeing with crush ( plate weak to ) and then hitting them every couple seconds with magic. Mages were the warrior killers.
  5. I agree with what everyone here is saying, but I would suggest to look at the requirements to currently complete all quests and work your way towards that. (thats what I'm doing) Or for a shorter term goal another suggestion is to work on the achievment diary's that are close to your level .... as this plan will give you a tangible reward. Or if all else fails make and online spinner with a bunch of different things to do and go where it tells you ... nothing like a little randomness to refresh a game.
  6. 1. Yes (str, prayer and def bonus) 2. No 3. Yes 4. Yes 5. Yes You have to remember that when you no longer wish to use most of those items you can sell them as they are all very useful and don't vary too much in prices.
  7. Sweet. Mind if I drop by some time too? Username same as you tip name?
  8. They have changed this. You now have a chance for a rock with eachessence that you use. So the make one method is now quite a bit slower
  9. This would prolly be better posted in tech bud. I'd link you but my iPhone stubbornly refuses to Alllow it :(
  10. I was on at 7 when it switched over and ectophialed to zanaris. Did from zanaris to pictorilis(?) makeing my puches and in bout a Hal hour ammased 190k summon exp :) this mornin I went from 46 to 64 in about a half hour 8) then I headed to ma for herblore and got two levels in 10 minutes before I had to go to work. Wasn't completly readyfor it and I have to buy some more charms but so far this is great. Howefficent am I doing? After herb I'm doing crafting then with my probably 1.1 bonus I'll prolly head to agility. At 49 agil should I stay at brimhaven or try somewhere else. Also how are the rest of you guys doing?
  11. bummer ... what else would be a good thing for a lvl 60 to smtih that isn't too exspensive?
  12. goldsmithing guantlets will not work this weekend correct?
  13. Your gonna have a he'll of a time getting your seconds when the weekend is tommorow. Also what is your level? If you can kill bork (267) you get 7 crimson 5 blue & 2 green evry time and you can kill him once a day. I'm doing it when I get home and it resets at 7 where I live so I'll get in 2 more Boris before weekend :)
  14. I live in michigan and was wondering when they will start the exp bonus or have they not released it yet?
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