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  1. Wait a minute, the Forester tells you to slaughter a bird? Isn't that going to ruin skill pures?
  2. Right now, I'm keeping all the gem-encrusted amulets I craft. I currently have 23 amulets of magic, 11 amulets of defense, and 17 amulets of strength. I've always kept the strength amulets, but I didn't start keeping the magic and defense ones until RS2 came out. And for some reason, I haven't dropped my amulet of accuracy yet. I'm also not willing to wear an amulet of power until I one myself. 17 more crafting levels to go! :lol: I would've loved to have used only weapons and armors I smithed myself, but I couldn't wait that long for full rune... :(
  3. Wouldn't the fishing guild be a whole lot better for raising cooking?
  4. Actually, there was one time when I got stuck on run no matter what I did... I've experienced this bug once as well.
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