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  1. Congrats to Tawrus with 200M Attack exp :)
  2. They will probably tell you to get member when trying to register, just as they tell you to validate your e-mail.
  3. Both green and drumgun are over 1400 days. everyone else is below 1200 that is relevant, i believe s diamant y and maybe some cwer that i dont recall have more than 1200. That being said there are only about 16 accs confirmed to have 1k days. 8-El Popo1 9-S Diamant Y From Chilly's thread about the matter on HLF How can you confirm the playtime of F2P'ers? And that's a lot of playtime for their xp. Nearly makes me feel efficient L.
  4. Getting close to 2 months of membership, dat questcape :thumbup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZyGMkJm78Y
  5. He decided to start studying again and quit. Since he gave his bank away, I'd say it's for good this time.
  6. Welcome to the Dark side :) I'm sure you wont regret your decision, best of luck!
  7. Don't worry, I'll just wait till the dark side gets you too ;)
  8. Hey all, Some may know me because I have been F2P for well over 7 years, and decided to get membership a month ago. A few of my F2P friends asked me to work something out so they could still keep track of what I'm up to. So... I decided to make progress videos of my way towards maxing out P2P. Now that I have everything up and running for about a month, and that I actually have a few videos online... I thought I'd post here for those that would be interested in watching such videos. :) I personally like to watch all sorts of videos while Scaping, and I'm sure there's a lot more of you out there. So, if you're interested, make sure you have a look at how I'm doing, and only subscribe if you really like the videos. I'm not a fan of people subbing so they can make sure they never miss the opportunity to rant on a video. ;) The video that I posted here will be my first video with a link to the whole playlist of Maxing Out Progress Videos. But I do have a few other playlists as well with F2P guides and lots more to come. Am currently just focussing on Maxing, but more (P2P & F2P) guides will come afterwards. Enjoy :) (any suggestions/ideas/comments/feedback, all welcome and much appreciated) Probably best check it out on the YT page itself, looks kinda odd in this tiny window :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYGbWC9ThZE
  9. This is about the Mini-quest after donig the quest itself. With the Mummy's name papyrus in hand, proceed north to Reldo. 2. Walk north to Varrock so that you can pick up an Al-kharid flier from Ali the leaflet dropper along the way, just north of the Al Kharid mine. I would highly appreciate it if you mention to go by the leaflet dropped before you mention going to Reldo. (I'm sure I'm not the only one teleporting to Varrock after reading that, and then realising they have to be in Al Kharid) And it's called "Al kharid flyer", "not Al-Kharid flier". 3. Speak with Reldo, who will ask for a flier from Ali Morrisane. Wow, you already have one! He will give you a Scroll of praise. Flyer, not flier
  10. 6. Go to Burthorpe and speak to Bernald east of the Bar. Since the Burthorpe/Taverley update, he can be found just sound of the Poh portal and the Taverley Lodestone Go south to Taverley and speak with Alain the druid gardener. He is located right against the wall by the tree patch. Since Bernald is now in Taverley, and not Burthorpe, you have to walk South East, and not TO Taverley. And the tree patch is no longer against the wall. Break up the rune stone first with your hammer or chisel, then grind it with the pestle and mortar. I had to use the rune essence on an anvil when smashing it with a hammer. Not sure about how it works with a chisel. There is an anvil at the North West side of Burthorpe. 7. Go to Falador and walk to the monastery or use your amulet of glory to get to Edgeville and walk from there This location can easily be reached with the Lodestone teleports now.
  11. 19. Open the chest and you obtain Iban's Shadow. Use this with your Iban doll. After that you can head back down to the Dwarven Camp and speak with Klank. He will give you his gauntlets (good gloves for melee) and a tinderbox, as well as some information. (Keep the tinderbox!) Put on the gauntlets and go into the west house of the camp. Pick up a bucket from the respawn and head over to the other house. Use your bucket on the ale barrel to get some Dwarven brew. 20. Now head east of the Camp until you reach a Tomb, which happens to be Iban's tomb. Use your dwarven brew on it, then light the tomb on fire with your tinderbox. Collect the remaining ashes and use these with your Doll of Iban. Head all the way north and into the spider pit. Here you'll find the huge spider named Kalrag (level 89) in an area swarming with Blessed Spiders (level 31). The smaller spiders are aggressive, making it difficult to get at the Kalrag. You may wish to use the Protect from Melee prayer (Level 43 Prayer Required). Kill the Kalrag and you will automatically collect its blood and use it with your Iban Doll. I did NOT get a tinderbox, and I didn't have any in my inventory (in my toolbelt, yes). When I used the brew on the Tomb, it automatically caught fire and put the ashes in my inventory. I'm not sure if it's the same for people that don't have a tinderbox in their toolbelt, but might be worth checking out since it might be that you no longer us a tinderbox in this part of the quest.
  12. "Start by talking to Sanfew who can be found upstairs in the herblore shop in Taverley" Sanfew can be found North of the Slayer Master in Taverley. The location changed due to the Burthorpe/Taverley remodeling. Go down the hill to the West, and there will be a slip way north. Go up that slip way and into the Stronghold. This is marked in yellow on the map. Or I am colourblind or there is no Yellow path on the map :D He will tell you to speak to Tegid who is just outside the Herblore shop, next to the river doing his washing (near the diagonal red line on the minimap). The Herblore shop is no longer there, but Tegid is still doing his washing at the lake. Go to the west side of the kitchen and search in the drawers until you find the key. It's on the East side of the kitchen After grabbing the Goutweed and being sent back to the entrance by the awoken troll, head back to Taverley and talk to Sanfew upstairs in the Herb Shop. After you give him the Goutweed the quest will be complete! Same as before, he is no longer upstairs in the herblore shop -quest completed, I will no longer edit this-
  13. Grats on your first post :P (2,5 months late) Sad to see how the runehead lists messed up after Hs went down :(
  14. I'm afraid I might end up on one of those :P
  15. [hide] You can still play the game without getting P2P xp at the tutorial. Just do the first few F2P tasks, teleport to lumbridge and go to a F2P world. :) [/hide] Good to know, Fire Hawk :) I couldn't teleport to Lumbridge, only gave me the Burthrope option untill I completed the entire tutorial. So maybe I did something wrong, dunno.
  16. Before anyone else has to find out about it...
  17. It's something I predicted as soon as I read the update about the hiscore removal... Wish I wasn't right about it :) I made a new account to check out the new tutorial yesterday, that's how I noticed the 15 day trial thingy. Since my 15 days haven't expired, I can't say what happens after that... You probably end up in F2P... although I wonder what happens if you don't complete the tutorial by then... The conclusion is quite simple, F2P wont exist forever, that's for sure now. The main purpose of my first post was that none of the new accounts can prove anymore that they are pure F2P, since you are member as soon as you make your account. Meaning, no more new pure F2P's.
  18. Since the Burthrope update, you can't make an account anymore without it being a member, since they grant you 15 days of free membership. On top of that, you simply can't start playing untill you complete the Troll Warzone tutorial, which provides P2P experience. I think we can conclude that F2P no longer has any future, and that Jagex are making this very clear. I hope you guys start realising this, and don't have too much false hope for any F2P updates, and especially not the Hiscores. It's a sad thing, but we simply can't do anything about it.
  19. No tracking doesnt mean accs are removed. I was on this list for some days ago... The list is glitched, your stats are on it but it shows a different name. Same for myself and some other players.
  20. Great :) Hoping to see Skiller 703 back in the top 15 soon. (The top 15 is getting boring with all those inactives :P ) Could switch to a top 15 active players and just mention the inactives at the bottom of the posts :)
  21. Raw salmon Current guide price: 66 Salmon Current Guide Price: 124 Might be another option for cooking :)
  22. Yes it is, but it doesn't give the option to use either the steel bar OR the clockwork mechanism.
  23. 3. Wise Old Pits: The House Dungeon Items Required: 2 oak planks, steel bar, mithril bar, Anti-Dragon Shield, Antifire Potions Items Suggested: Food, Weapons, Armour During this part of the quest, you also need a clockwork mechanism or a steel bar to make the dummy. Means that either of these items are also a quest requirement.
  24. Best of luck, and welcome back Paperbag :)
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