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  1. Hmm, Ratemyplacement seems to be directed just towards interns/students? Maybe it being their first work of their lives makes them more inclined to review it positively? Either way interesting the two sites differ in opinions so much. I agree whole-heartedly, it's why I felt this thread was worth making.
  2. I found this very interesting. http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Jagex-Reviews-E322592.htm I'm not entirely sure on the criteria you have to meet or the channels you have to go through to write a review. The site seems to be well respected and specifies all reviews are by current or former employees. A few things that are obvious from these reviews. Most people think the people they work(ed) with are/were good people. But they felt upper management and senior positions were filled by people outside of the company with little to no experience in the gaming industry. I'm quite surprised the majority of the reviews are so negative.
  3. Firstly to cover the topic at hand, as many people have already said, Optimus (the next bot nuke+Game Engine fixes) it is set to be released before summer. So in the next few months. Now to the FPS issue as others see it... I understand a drop from 30-40 to 10-15 is a big drop off and seems devastating, but 10-15 is something I would consider awesome! I was stuck at 3 FPS after the Burthope update, THAT was unplayable. After they patched it I was back to my normal 6-9 FPS and I can play all the content in RS. Corp, Nex, Dg. Lots and lots of Dg. My low FPS does not hinder my game play (IF it dropped lower, then it would.) So I don't understand how large parts of RS are unplayable for you o.o. -Cloud.
  4. I know this is like 7 pages late, and I haven't read through all the replies yet, so if someone already said this I apologize. I do believe if you do a Primal 2h Hunt and break your current Primal 2h for it, then rebind, it will auto equip 2h at start of dungeons. (If it doesn't work please correct me :D <3 But I hope it does.) -Cloud. Tryed it like 200m xp ago it doesnt work, I even tryed rebinding arrows, so many things :P attack style wise, taking it off before I end.. gave up ;) So strange man, I got my hex at 111. And until 113 I started with Hex. After I broke Prom 2h for Primal 2h I started with Primal 2h. It was driving me insane, I was so happy when it stopped. Sorry my advice didn't work though.
  5. I know this is like 7 pages late, and I haven't read through all the replies yet, so if someone already said this I apologize. I do believe if you do a Primal 2h Hunt and break your current Primal 2h for it, then rebind, it will auto equip 2h at start of dungeons. (If it doesn't work please correct me :D <3 But I hope it does.) -Cloud.
  6. I think "lucky party hat" would make a lot more sense than boss drops... I have already seen a post on the RSOF from a J-Mod confirming that Discontinued Items are NOT a possibility on The 'Squeal of Fortune'. I would assume this also applies to "Lucky" Discontinued Items. Don't have QFC for thread as I saw it on day of release and didn't save it for later use.
  7. You're welcome. Gonna keep a comprehensive log for this wheel thing. Currently 2 spins. 1. Med Lamp for RC (Uncommon). 2. Small lamp for any skill. (Common). EDIT: Lolol my best clue ever was a few years ago. 3rd age vambs+Robin in same clue. 3rd age vambs was definitely bitter sweet.
  8. 1 hour 30 mins from the time I posted this post. You will probably have to log out then back in to see the option to spin, just like to make the sandstone for flasks re-spawn.
  9. They aren't degradable. All the high end items such as Bandos/Arma are identical to the normal versions other than the fact that they're untradeable. Do you have any way of confirming that statement? Screen shot? Mod Quote? I'm not saying you are untrustworthy, I would just like definite proof.
  10. I have heard from multiple people that the 'Lucky' items are degradable. Can anyone confirm? If that is indeed the case, I can't see this hurting the market after everyone realizes and the panic'ers stop panicking.
  11. I'm not understanding the connection o_O People camp TDs+Glacs for Effigies+Profit from rare drops. With effigies nerfed will they continue? That's his question.
  12. @ PEOPLE DOING KILN RIGHT NOW Is melee with Torva+divine a viable option for it, or is it a range-safespot-fest? (I'd watch the videos but my bandwith is garbage.) Thanks in advance!
  13. Is it bad that this update doesn't make me angry? I feel that effigies were just a nice little bonus you got while training combat/slayer/camping monsters for cash. I think that's how it was intended to be. This just makes it even more-so like that. Then again, I was the kind of person who always did an effigy when I received it instead of hoarding. They could have handled it better, and not sprung it on people a year and a half after release. But whatcha gonna do, they did. More ontopic now, Can't wait to try the fight kiln. Gonna get Torva+Divine from a buddy and give it a go tomorrow, hopefully it will be do-able on my 7-10FPS :D. Some info on quest length would be nice too.
  14. Does it really matter? You could tell me "Merry Kwanzaa" or "Happy Christmas" for all I care. It all comes out to the same thing in the end, wishing that person and their loved ones a good time and hoping they enjoy whatever they do. As for the RS event, I thought it was really fun, the 'reverse minesweeper' thing had me annoyed for a few minutes because I couldn't see a spot I missed from the camera angle between a pair of chairs, haha. I hope I can keep the Jar of Christmas Spirit! I wanna run around using it on people, it's fun. Also, Sparkles (the pet) is my favourite pet now. Even if his "Followers Details" picture looks a bit like male genitalia. Overall fun is all I can say about the event :). -Cloud.
  15. So you need to agree with every choice they make to VOLUNTEER for them?
  16. I'm pretty sure I saw a quote from a j-mod that said you would be placed back at your previous rank if you resubscribe with a 200m stat instead of being put at the bottom. I've been hearing the exact opposite. That you will be placed at the bottom of the 200m list.
  17. In regards to the Free Players being removed from the Hi-scores. I don't agree with it entirely. They should remove INACTIVE free players, or maybe set a level/exp requirement. Anyway, this Forum Moderator didn't agree either and look what happened to him. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/573/mod1p.png http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/440/mod2l.png http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/828/mod3i.png Jmod reply. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/526/jmod.png So don't disagree, or you might wake up with a horse head in your bed. ~Couldn't figure out hide tags :3.
  18. By the time I can move, I've already been hit 3 or 4 times. Multiply that by the number of specials and I don't stand a chance without a super anti. <_< It doesn't protect against all of his spew, but it does nullify miasma for the length of the fight. So at least I have a fighting chance. I eventually get him after 2 or 3 deaths with normal antis from the store. Why not take the "Cure Me" spell runes? (laws, cosmic, earth and astrals, I believe.) Also, I have no problem with this boss. He's slightly harder when on a team, since his defence increases a lot, but the attacks are easy to avoid, even with a bad connection, as stated below.
  19. It seems the overall opinion is glitch, which makes since if what you all say about the name changing is true, I just didn't know that glitch existed :P I guess this topic didn't have much discussion value at all. Oh well, thanks for your thoughts and stuff, guys ^.^.
  20. That was my first thought too. But still, some of those skills are still slow to train...Unless you have brawlers, I guess...It still just seems uncanny. Also isn't there a limit on how much zeal you can have saved up, like PC points? Or am I just crazy for thinking that :P?
  21. So this is kind of random, but when I saw this I had to share it with the Tip.It Community to get their opinions on it. Earlier I was on irc, trying to track my Herblore exp to the day, so I clicked the link, and since I was on the runetracking site, I decided to check the "Top 42" while I was there and I saw this, listed under Overall for the Month: "1. Meet Halfway 300,893,830" I was shocked, especially after I saw that the exp was all spread out. (Not like 150m cooking exp, but 10m here, 13m there (13m in slayer nonetheless)) So I tracked him using runescript just to see, and I got these results: "(23:10:42) <@Paulie> @track Meet Halfway @4w (23:10:43) <%[bS]RuneScript> *** [ TRACKER ]: [All] exp gains for Meet Halfway in last 4wks: Overall +279,794 | Def(109) +22 | HP(108) +2,833 | Range(107) +8,494 | Pray(99) +4 | Mage(101) +234 | Agil(90) +3 | Hunt(88) +268,180 | Summ(99) +24" Only 280k exp according to that? odd so I tried again with a slightly longer duration, and got this: "(23:22:40) <@Paulie> !track meet halfway @31 days (23:22:44) -[bS]RuneScript- *** [ TRACKER ]: [All] exp gains for Meet Halfway in last 4wks 3days: Overall(+537) +300,893,830 | Dueling(12->13) +106 | Att(89->99) +9,161,318 | Def(90->109) +30,818,452 | Str(90->101) +10,937,350 | HP(93->108) +26,270,309 | Range(89->107) +23,961,702 | Pray(75->99) +11,848,325 | Mage(86->101) +13,442,592 (23:22:45) -[bS]RuneScript- *** [ TRACKER ]: Cook(70->100) +14,567,932 | WC(79->99) +11,997,487 | Fletch(92->103) +13,504,737 | Fish(67->99) +12,987,509 | FM(62->101) +16,155,625 | Craft(66->90) +4,969,383 | Smith(69->99) +12,339,294 | Mine(63->90) +4,957,642 | Herb(63->99) +13,871,859 (23:22:46) -[bS]RuneScript- *** [ TRACKER ]: Agil(70->90) +4,787,310 | Thief(64->99) +13,421,322 | Slay(81->100) +12,794,768 | Farm(62->99) +13,387,934 | Runecraft(55->87) +3,856,339 | Hunt(70->88) +3,927,512 | Con(57->90) +5,443,278 | Summ(78->99) +11,483,851" Now 3 days or 31, that doesnt matter...How can ANY*ONE* or heck, even multiple people on one account accumulate that much exp in a month? I just dont see how it's possible. Anyone have any thoughts on this, or just care to discuss it a little? I'm stumped when I try to think of how it's possible. So what do you guys think? Here is a link to the runetracker site so you can investigate it for yourself - http://runetracker.org/topgains
  22. I only played WoW for the 10 day free trail, and I have to say it was a much different experience than most people's here. I found it entertaining, and the higher leveled players I ran into helped me a lot, and not just helped, they OFFERED to. Which I found nice. One of the only reasons I didn't stick with WoW after the 10 day trail was that being maxed on RS (combat wise and with a lot of higher secondary skills) it felt...Strange to have to start from the beginning again. But overall even after only playing for 10 days, I liked the game. The leveling was decently easy too. I got to level 20 (or was it 15? whatever the max was) in way less time than the free trail gave me, lol. So I can see why people like the game, but personally I can't leave RS, even after quitting lots of times, sometimes for more than a year, I always come back.
  23. Yeah, I love the music track for the dungeon. :thumbsup: I really want her armor, ever since I saw it first posted here. :P Also, her name is Kuradal, not Kuradel. (Most people seem to be saying Kuradel.) ;) Thanks, fixed the typo.
  24. I don't think anyone has mentioned this, Kuradal's armour looks absolutely badass. I hope they release it for players somehow. :o :D
  25. 278 Hmm an interesting read. And I cant say I disagree with the fact that the experience you gain training slayer is slower than other methods, but I do believe more profitable. In the time it took me to get to 85 slayer than to max melee (99atk, str, def and hp) I made well over 80m. But it took a bit of time (If we dont count the breaks I took from rs, probably a year from 100combat to 124 (before summoning)) So you do make a fair amount of cash if you are dedicated to it. And it does require more attention than as you said, monkey's, but in the end isnt it a better feeling knowing how hard YOU worked for it? So with that out of the way, we establish that yes the melee exp when training slayer is much slower. But you gain something GP wise and you gain a feeling of accomplishment. So personally I dont regret training slayer hard. Now for the only thing I REALLY dissagree with. Charms. From 91-98 slayer I have gotten enough charms for nearly 91 summoning, and raised range AND slayer. At a relatively low cost (only the cost of cannonballs, but honestly abyssal demon tasks pay for cannonballs + profit). So I DO think that summoning via slayer is a smart choice. But a very interesting read, nonetheless of my opinions.
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