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  1. im not a member but my friend is and thats the best idea i heard since pizza =D
  2. i think its stupid... if they wanna talk about it go somewhere else. And plus if parents play this (which i know some do) they have no lives.
  3. 3/10 its just a campfire.... :-k
  4. you're banned for banning someone on the same day i banned u :shame:
  5. When i was lvl 3 i was in lumbridge asking for free stuff.a nice guy gave me full bronze, a kite shield and a longsword, a magic ammulet, and air staff, and full blue wizards robe, and 1k. i sed thank you went off to show off to my friends who were also lvl 3. Well while i was walking i came to a place with a skull in the corner. i didn't know what that meant but when i right clicked a person it sed attack. so i saw a lvl 3 guy and attacked him and got a skull over my head. I killed him and ran back to lumbridge. my health was down to 5 but i didn't know. I met up with my friends in lumbridge and they told me to kill a goblin. i did but i had 1 health left. Still i didn't know. they sed cool and walked off. i went to those goblins by the alkarade gate and attacked 1. 1 hit and i died. lost everything that guy gave to me because that stupid skull. i ran over to where i was and every1 had taken it. i was pissed off... lol
  6. k thnks.. but that sucks... they should make a way to charge it
  7. Is there a way to re-charge a Skull Sceptre? If there is plz tell me how. Thank you and have a nice day :wink:
  8. what is the difference between rune ess and pure ess???? i wanna know!!!!! so... ya... :wink:
  9. false.... :lol: TPUM is poor in RS
  10. :shock: ..no comment.. :shock:
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