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  1. Hellfish - Bring on the hurricane of pain
  2. Insurance for my minibike enough for me :P cause that was the only thing i really need
  3. LSD and MDMA are soft drugs? :shock: i think you're wrong there man :P LSD is a strong drug same for MDMA,if i recall correctly MDMA is in speed and in XTC. but weed should be legalize as its been used for so long(Romans knew how to have fun :P).You cant overdose on weed,only long-term effect is that you get a bit paranoid but youll become paranoid one way or another so :P I would never use shrooms or LSD as im not just the guy to halucinate,i like having a grip on reality and not have to wonder if the walls are moving or not:P EDIT: heres some reason why I think weed should be legal: -you'll know what you get -you will get the right amount -organized gangs will lose a market
  4. I know alot of people who use it and i they arent [bleep]ed up.Far from it. Everything can lead to death, you cant say talk bad/good about something till you experienced it yourself of seen it on other people.
  5. -Dutch people are greedy and all have caravans -German people only eat sausages and drink beer -French people love themselfs and hate everyone else -Spanish people are only intrested in their fiesta's those are the ones i know :P Anyone got some about Belgians? :mrgreen:
  6. weed is the only drug thats kinda good for you,as they use it as a medicine, and its enjoyable. if you look at someone who smokes all of weed and someone who drinks alot youll see that weed doesnt ruin your life in anyway like alchol does. Of course if you smoked too much and you're in a place where you're not comfortable you might get panic attacks, but that doesnt happen often. It makes you enjoy the little things in life and helps you relax in stressful times like exams. Of course harder drugs cocaine and heroine does controll your life and youll see fysical and mental breakdown on the druguser. my opinion:legalize it,half of the world uses it anyways... in The Netherlands it's legal and in Belgium you can smoke it in your own home when you're 18...
  7. tbh VB will come out as the big winner cause flemish people dont like Walloons anymore and in a recent poll it was show that CD&V/NVA will still be no1 party in Flanders. But Belgium wont split, it would be too hard and cost too much money
  8. Electro is good but i like Hardstyle/Hardtech more like Manu Kenton,Jamie Dill, DJ Coone, DJ Marcky
  9. gratz on 1337 total but if was you id sell the fury.Fury is far from necessary and you could use the money to buy a whip and some decent armour like torags and still have cash left..
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