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  1. i lkiek it to it jsut needs a border 7/10
  2. i just have the bg cuzz i'm at school but when i get home i'l add the text, tell me if you liek it i'm probalby changing the font ucz i dont like it to much and i will take off the by woo if i win (cant wait 2 c nadrils almost no point in making myn)
  3. w_o_o

    Glacier Isle

    i dont know much about terragan becasue i use bryce for my landscapes but i think it looks cool, kind of like a perfect post card or somehting liek that, but i also agree with lord that it doesnt differ fromt he sky to the water and i think the water needs more tetail but other than that it looks good
  4. like they said, the space one is to cluttered it has to much going on at one buit i find at the same time it doesnt have enought just coupole of stars and a big cloud, w/e looks good and good luck 7/10 and ur current sig i like it but not the most fond of sigs with copywrited images in it but for the bg 8/10 (unless you drew it than it be 9/10 for the whole sig)
  5. selling this sig, i was thinking about 150k and please rate it
  6. thanks, does anybody want 2 buy one or get one made?
  7. w_o_o

    my first sig

    to get some good tutorials go to like http://www.good-tutorials.com lol i think your sig is pretty good for your first time, add a border and download some new text but gj and good luck 7/10
  8. lord- i was thingking somewere between 100-200k mayb like 150 , make an offer thanks everyone, (the first one seems to be the favorite) when it rendered i thought it was super sweet 2 because its a cross of abstract 3d and cartoon i thought it looked soo cool, expecialy the whoile thing at full size
  9. thanks and, djscoobsta i would bit sunce i've been making sigs for over a year and i think my c4d skills are decent enough to sell them, if you would like one i'd be happy to make you one mayb for even cheaper than 50k, will take items also
  10. thats really good9/10 liek he said the text if off its a grunge sig but it also looks super clean! good job
  11. thanks , and ryanie i thought the first one looked pretty sweet but w/e its ur opinoin and with the 4th one it was the first one i ever made with c4d and it was from a tutorial, but you cant really say much about using tutorials as your sig is from the corner of a tutorial. but thanks anyways
  12. just got c4d and think i'm doing ok. constantly adding more examples, or ones that are for sale. ^for sale ^might be for sale ^for sale ^for sale just tell me waht u want and i will make it for u. what you are willing to pay decides how much work i put into it no less than 50k i can do animations (i can make space sigs if you want also)
  13. like you said the stars really arnt that great, the planets look like you just used 1 grunge brush to blur around the outside and theres nob order, give it some clouds in the space, beter stars, more detail to planets and get some new font 6/10 keep working it
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