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  1. Well i went into the pit thing not even trying cos i new i couldnt do it without guthans (which i can afford cant be botherd to buy it) so i went in there. I got to the 360s and died 3 hits. I had my full melee armour(not barrows) dragon skirt abyss whip rune plate etc, invent : d hally, ring of life, 7000 something gp, and the rest lobsters. I honestly think i did well, any of u agree? If i got guthans, some sharks, super sets (sara brew and zammy brew if possible) prayer pots. Full crystal bow, and my combat stuff. Whip ect. Current stats:Attack- 88(89 in couple of hours) :Strength - 84(85 after a couple of hours after i get attack) :Defence - 81 :Hitpoints - 86 :Prayer - 64 :Range - 76 :Mage - 81 :) I found another safe spot which isnt the boot one, its near the south-western part of the place last time i checked, I stand next to the skeleton and it renders the 45s 90s 180s meleeless against me, if they spawn next to you they will still get stuck in the same position. Only the Orange sludge things and the prayer drainers wont get stuck. ill try to get a pic of it if u want me to. :P :o :( :D :) :shock: :? 8) :lol:
  2. there should be a total, and a free skillz only. Total is like it is now, and free skillz only where it shows free and and members people but only their free skill totals. Thus it would stop people who have been members and quit missing out or totally overpowering.
  3. well i think the way that u can let pplz in is a bit hard. I think that the person who buys it should pay 1mil or something to rent the arena. And also pay like 10k to buy a ring. Make it so that the person who hires can buy as many of these rings to come to this event. When the time comes for the event. Only pplz with this ring can get in. And after the match the rings all get destroyed. Money drain + awesome for clans, large and small and only invited people get in. Or if you want you can have 2 pplz pay 500k each and each person then gets to buy rings for their team at that game etc. Might edit bit l8er, gotta go 4 a drive :P Can ne1 say drift :P
  4. __ / / /__omg. ive never gotten a mime or a maze and ive been playing since Rsc and ive been members for like when i was rsc. l\ l l \ l l \ l l \lever got 1. Whats it like on a stage or a maze? .:- Cypher_Killz -:.
  5. well i think its just unrealistic. there needs to have more money put back into rs. Also what bout them poor new people who wanna get ap hat. Only way is to merchent + it ruinds economy and the pplz with stats will never get a phat. Make stats important rs, make money nothing. RS will become a game of level 3 merchents triyng to get phats for billions of gp. I dont want a phat so i dont care. But these merchenters that are spending bils on phats are also making it hard for other peoples working on stats because everything is soo expensive. These phats are affecting rs worldwide. My $0.02
  6. well i think the idea is stupid and will never happen. Why not celebrate 26th January(Australia Day), or whatever every1 else said. It is just useless and such a waste for all the non americans. (Which there are might i add). Christams, easter and halloween are enuf imho. But then again, christmas and easter are religous holidays and i dont know what halloween is. But it isnt really international holiday since the only time i hear about it is from stupid americans going round looking for 'candy' or on them halloween specials of american shows. Keep it what it is atm and stick in updates which will benefit people of all countries/relegions.
  7. well i got 2 reasons. First being i got a dragon skirt from drop and i cant afford legs(250k more,grr!) Second, i get treated better and i have less people comeing up to me and bothering me. But if neofyas will gimme dragon legs for my skirt, sure ill trade and go back to normal :P And on the scamming bit, no i dont do neof that, and i tell em im a guy, lol.
  8. well if it was actually feasable to have another server in australiasia it should be in townsville as it is still a major hub which is useful for austrlaia and pacific nations aswell. But if not feasbale, who cares. If you lag too much, get adsl. $30 per month and u can get pretty good connection. I also play call of duty and every1 has adsl an that and there are thousands of players, so if they all can, so can u pplz if your soo worried bout ur lag. Cypher_killz
  9. prepare to get flamed I gotta agree with this dude, here comes a flaming.
  10. prepare to get flamed I gotta agree with this dude, here comes a flaming.
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