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  1. Haha! I did that for Santa Hats! I remember the day after, they were selling for 30k a piece. I remember standing in Ardougne North bank and someone needed a rune large helm, so they offered me a santa hat for mine. I accepted. :D
  2. My earliest recollection of holiday drops was when I was walking through Varrock and all of a sudden a red mask fell beside me. I frantically ran and picked it up not knowing what just happened. Then I found a few more in Al Kharid a few moments later, both blue. I also remember when Jagex dropped the scythe's for the second time cause everyone in the US was complaining when the first drop happened in UK time. I remember standing in a far corner of Karamja with my friend Lord Ice hoping to get a scythe on the second drop. A system message appeared saying "Here we go!" and presto! Scythe's laying everywhere! *sighs* Good RSC times...
  3. I chose Adventurer cause I wanted to be an all around player.
  4. party hats weren't worth that much when rune kites first came out (when kites were worth 800k-1 mill). party hats were still relatively new and NOT highly priced, especially the red ones. I remember trading 2 r2hs for a white p hat and 3 r2hs for a pink (before the dupe when pink was most rare) and r2hs were worth more than kites. Either you are mistaken or re-writing history to look cool/ I wasn't saying party hats were worth what I traded my rune kite for. I just wanted one so bad because I didn't play when Christmas crackers were dropped. I then traded the red party hat for a green and included my rune battle axe because I wanted the green party hat that bad. I just thought they looked awesome. I know I was over paying by a lot, I didn't care. I just wanted one of the newer items.
  5. I remember when I bought my first rune kite for 1m I was stoked! Then, I traded it for a red party hat about an hour or so later. Then I traded my red party hat and my rune battle axe for a green party hat.
  6. I'm still here...I was that lvl 105 noob on rsc that was at the rune rocks in the wildy. Then Rainbowdolph would world hop and pk me.
  7. Here is a pic from back in the day when I ran into Mod Daniel in Lumbridge on my way to fight Otherworldy Beings in Lost city: Edit: and yes, I'm still active on RSC.
  8. haha! oh my does this bring back memories! Hehasnoidea used to be my arch nemesis on RSC at the rune rocks in wildy. If I remember correctly, I think he used to pk in a santa hat when they were first dropped. Him and I used to go round after round lol then we became friends... My name here on the forums is my name in rs also and it's unique. ;)
  9. Ok, here are my pictures from playing rs since 2001. Lots of them are from now "rsc". Here is a picture of me telling S A X congrats on getting lvl 123 in rsc: Here is a picture of me fun dueling my friend Smurfette200 in rsc using the saradomin arena strike: This picture is me training in Lost City (Zanaris) and getting 4m strength experience (lol) Picture of me in Lost City's wheat field getting lvl 100 in rsc: I got my lvl from Lynx153: Me fighting the King Black Dragon with friends: Here I am hanging out with my 3 best friends at the time showing off our cool gear. (I'm in the middle) Here I am talking to Mod Daniel on rsc in Lumbridge before going to train in Lost City: Mod Daniel before I talked to him: Here I am hanging with a couple buds chopping yews: Sleeping bag (fatigue) word I thought was hilarious at the time: The now Runescape: RS2 beta - me ranging ducks in the fishing guild: Here is me hiding from the King Black Dragon on RS2 beta: The old strange boxes: Here I am spinning flax in Seers with Zezima telling me about his runecrafting experience: That's it for now, if you want to see more pictures I have disks full so just let me know. I hope you enjoyed a look into the past, thanks for looking! :) Feel free to add me in game and chat - Cydric <--rs name
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