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well here it is. i did 95% in terragen, i had to edit the towers in photoshop. it is supposed to be a watch tower over a river.








if you like it place a bid, ill change the text for the winner.

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Nice, but add a stroke to ur txt and set it to smooth








im relatively new to photoshop, so could you tell me what you mean? :oops:








what he means is








Stroke: do you see the layers part? where you should have a panel saying "T" in times new roman font and the text by it? right click that and click Blending Options, then you click stroke and then click the little box by stroke that checks it. Then you edit the stroke however you want








Smoothness: when you type in something, on options bar (way on the top under the bar that says file...help and stuff) there should be 2 a's by each other.By it theres a bar that says none. click the pointing down arrow thingy and select smooth.








there we go xP

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